Keeping a backup of your network configuration is important and very useful in disaster recovery situations. The RouterOS backup feature makes it possible to save your current device’s configuration and can be restored on the same device or a different device with the same model. This tutorial aims to provide a guide on how to backup and restore MIKROTIK router configuration using the WINBOX and COMMAND LINE INTERFACE


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implimentation action on this tutorial :
1) 1 x Mikrotik Router
2) 1 x Desktop or laptop computer with Windows or MacOS installed
3) 1 Mikrotik winbox utility (click HERE to download WINBOX).


1) Open Winbox and log into the router using your admin credentials
2) Click on FILES > FILES LIST
3) Click on the BACKUP button, enter a name for the backup that you would like to create and click on BACKUP
4) Right click on the newly created backup file and click on DOWNLOAD
5) To create a backup from the Mikrotik terminal run the command: 

STEP 1: Configure RouterOS Backups

1) Connect the mikrotik router to a power source, connect an RJ45 ethernet cable to ETHER2 and the ethernet port of your laptop / desktop. Winbox will automatically detect all connected mikrotik routers. if you do not see your mikrotik router try to click the refresh button under the neighbours tab or try to power cycle your routerboard. Double click on the router you would like to configure, this will populate the “CONNECT TO” field. Enter your username and password and click the “CONNECT button
2) Once you are logged in, click on the”FILES” menu item and the “FILE LIST” window will appear.

3) Next, click on the “BACKUP” button and the “BACKUP” popup window will appear. Enter “MYFIRSTBACKUP” in the NAME field to give your backup a name, you can use any other name you would like. If you would like to password protect your backup add a password in the PASSWORD field. You can also encypt your backup using aes-sha256 or rc4 encryption.

If you do not want to password protect and encrypt your backup leave the PASSWORD and ENCRYPTION fields empty.

Press the BACKUP btton to proceed.

4) You can see the newly created backup file in the FILE LIST window. You can drag and drop the backup file from WINBOX to any location on your computers file explorer
5) You can also use the mikrotik command line interface to run mikrotik backups. Use the command “