6 Ways To Download Youtube Videos Using A Computer Or Smart Phone.

This tutorial is a simple how to guide that answers the question “HOW TO DOWNLOAD VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE USING A COMPUTER OR A SMART PHONE?” You may want to download youtube videos because you want to share them later with friends and family, or you would want to have them saved on your device and play them later when you do not have an internet connection, or you are a student or researcher and would like to keep the videos on your devices to save data,  whatever your reason is, we’ll show you 6 simple and free ways to download youtube videos using a computer or a smart phone.  You will also find out youtube’s content policy on downloading videos as well as official ways of downloading and keeping youtube videos on your device.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A desktop or laptop running Windows, MacOS or Linux
2) An android or iOS smart phone or tablet
3) A google account
4) An internet connection with atleast 1MBPS speeds.


1) The youtube policy on downloading and sharing videos directly from youtube and downloading and sharign through third party apps
2) Ways that you can use to download videos from youtube the safe and legal way
3) Ways that you can use to download videos from youtube through third party apps

Is downloading Youtube Videos Legal / Allowed?.

Before downloading youtube videos using third party apps, you have to be aware of what is stated in Youtube’s terms of services . It states that you are not allowed to:

“access, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, alter, modify or otherwise use any part of the Service or any Content except: (a) as expressly authorized by the Service; or (b) with prior written permission from YouTube and, if applicable, the respective rights holders.”

So to answer the question “Is downloading Youtube Videos Legal / Allowed?.” – Downloading without prior written permission from Youtube or respective rights holder is ilegal and not allowed.

legal Ways To Download Youtube Videos.

The Youtube Mobile App.

1) Youtube appreciates that some users do not always have an internet connection and that your internet connection may not be good for video streaming if you are on the go, with this in mind, you can download videos (except music videos) right on your smart phone for offline access.

However this feature is available in select countries and regions. HERE’s a list of countries and regions where its available.

To download a video in the youtube app, simply search for the video that you wish to watch later and click on the DOWNLOAD button.

Youtube Premium.

2) Another great way to download youtube videos is to subscribe to the Youtube Premium service. Youtube Premium allows you to download videos onto your device and keep them for up to 30 days without being connected to the internet. You also get to enjoy an AD free youtube experience, playing videos in the background even if you open other apps as well as Youtube premium music where you can play music ad-free, offline, and even with your device screen locked.

Youtube premium costs about 11.99 USD per month.

Third Party Websites And Apps That Can Be Used To Download Youtube Videos


3) A good website to download youtube videos is Open , then search for and open the video that you wish to download. Right click on the video and click on COPY VIDEO URL. 

4) Next, go to and paste the URL on the search box. The savefromnet website will automaically return a link to download the video.  If it does’nt click on the DOWNLOAD button.

Savefromnet mainly supports the MP4 720p and 360p resolutions and if you need a different file format you might have to use a different youtube third party download tool.

5) You can also install the savefromnet browser addon that will make the processs of downloading youtube videos much easier. If using the Mozilla Firefox web browser, click HERE to go to the SAVEFROMNET HELPER addon download page. Click HERE to learn how to install the SAVEFROMNET addon on any other web browser.

Click on on the ADD TO FIREFOX button, then click on ADD.

6) Open or reload the youtube website and when you start watching a youtube video, it can be downloaded using a newly added download button that is green in color.


7) There are thousands of music videos on Youtube and infact some of the well known music artists  and composers first publish their content on Youtube. is a good website to download music from youtube.

All you have to do is copy the URL of the video and paste it on the search bar on the website. A search result of the youtube video will be returned with an option to DOWNLOAD, SAVE TO THE CLOUD or SHARE ON FACEBOOK.

When you click on any of these buttons, will automatically convert the youtube video into an mp3 file and prompt you to either open the file using a music played installed on your computer or to save the file onto your computer.


8) If you do not have access to a computer, but have an android smart phone with you then then SNAPTUBE is an android application that you can use to download not only YOUTUBE videos but also videos on FACEBOOK,INSTAGRAM,TWITTER,DAILYMOTION, 4SHARED,WHATSAPP, TIKTOK,VIMEO, METACAFE, VEVO,FUNNYORDIE ANDANIMEQ.

To download the SNAPTUBE android app CLICK HERE.

9) Once the download is complete, double tap on the snaptube apk file and tap on the INSTALL button. If you get a popup message on your device informing you that “FOR YOUR SECURITY, YOUR PHONE IS NOT ALLOWED TO INSTALL UNKNOWN APPS FROM THIS DEVICE” click on the SETTINGS button and enable the ALLOW FROM THIS SOURCE option.

10) Once the SNAPTUBE app is open, click on the YOUTUBE icon and search for and open any YOUTUBE video that you wish download. Click on the yellow download button to proceed.

11) The snaptube app gives you options to download the video as a MUSIC audio file or as a VIDEO file. Choose an option that you would like to proceed.


12) YTD is another third party application with the capability of downloading youtube videos without much effort. If you are using a Mac with MacOS 10.6 or newer, click HERE to go to the YTD download page.  The DMd file is about 6MB in size.

13) Open the YTD DMG file and copy the YTP app to the applications folder. Copy the URL of any video you would like to download, open YTD and paste it on the text box on the DOWNLOAD tab then click on the DOWNLOAD button. You can view the download progress if you click on the ACTIVITY tab.