A detailed guide on how to screen record with audio in Microsoft Windows 11.


Microsoft Windows 11 is a good operating system that provides users with a range of tools to capture and record their screen activities. With the help of these tools, users can easily create video tutorials, presentations, and other visual content with audio. This guide will provide an overview of the different methods available to record your screen along with audio in Microsoft Windows 11. We will also discuss some of the best practices for capturing high-quality recordings and tips on how to optimize them for maximum impact. There are two types of methods for recording the screen in Windows 11: built-in tools and third-party software. Built-in tools are part of Microsoft Windows 11, while third-party recording software can be used with a compatible capture device. Both methods have their benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to decide which tool will work best for your needs. This guide will focus on the built-in options that come with Microsoft Windows 11, but we have also included information on how to use third-party programs like Camtasia.

What is a screen recording software and how can it benefit you?

A Screen recording software is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to capture what’s happening on their computer screen and share it with others. It allows you to record your desktop, web pages, applications, and more in high-quality video or audio format. With screen recording, you can create tutorials, capture bug reports, and even broadcast live events. It’s also a great way to save important information that you don’t want to forget or lose track of. Whether you are a student, teacher, or professional, screen recording can help you in many ways. 


The following is an overview of what’s covered in this tutorial:
1) Record your screen using XBOX Gambar
2) Record your screen using Microsoft PowerPoint
3) Record your screen using Camtasia
4) Record your screen using Snagit
5) Record your screen using VLC
6) Record your screen using Quicktime
7) Record your screen using ShareX

Record your screen using XBOX Gamebar

XBOX Gamebar is a built-in Windows 11 application that makes it possible to record your screen whilst you are playing a Game. Screen recordings can be saved as screenshots or videos. However, you can use XBOX Gamebar to record any other application or screen on your Windows 11 device. Follow these steps to start a screen recording.

1) Open the program that you would like to record so that it is in focus on your screen

2) Launch the Xbox Game Bar application and click the record button. XBOX Gamebar can also be launched using the WINDOWS + G keyboard shortcut.

3) On the top right corner of your screen you can see the time as it elapses next to the red circle, and to stop the screen recording click the white square icon.

4) When you stop a recording, launch the Xbox Game Bar once again, and click Show all captures to watch your recording, delete it, or open the folder where its saved on your computer.

Record your screen using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Another Windows 11 application that you can use to make screen recordings is Microsoft Powerpoint. Microsoft PowerPoint is a well-known application usually used to make presentations for meetings, conferences, and live events. Follow these steps to create a screen recording:

1) Open the application that you would like to screen record. Launch Microsoft Powerpoint and create a new presentation. Ensure to name the presentation something that you will easily remember.

2) From the toolbar at the top of the page, click the Insert tab and click the drop-down icon on the Media button.  Click Screen Recording to start the screen recording utility.

3) Click Select Area and draw a box directly over the area that you would like to screen record. Click the microphone icon to enable audio recording in your screen recording. Click the cursor icon if you would like the mouse cursor to be visible in the screen recording. 

4) Once you select the area that you would like to record, click the Record button to kick start the screen recording. You can also use the Pause button to pause the recording at any time and resume the recording using the Record button

5) To stop the screen recording, click the Stop button or press WINDOWS + SHIFT + Q. Microsoft Powerpoint will automatically place the screen recording video in the presentation file. To save the screen recording video as a separate file, right-click on it and click Save Media As. Select a folder on your computer and click Save.

Record your screen using Camtasia

Camtasia is a powerful video editing software that enables users to record their screen and create professional-looking videos. With Camtasia, you can easily capture your screen activity, edit the recordings with multiple tools and effects, and share the resulting video with others. It is an invaluable tool for creating tutorial videos, marketing materials, presentations, and more. With Camtasia’s intuitive user interface and powerful features, you can quickly record your screen and produce high-quality videos that will help you get your message across effectively. Follow these steps to use Camtasia to create screen recordings:

1) Open Camtasia and click the NEW PROJECT button to create a new project. 

2) Click File and click New Recording. On the Camtasia Recorder, select a screen to record, toggle to enable or disable the Microphone and click Start Recording

3) To pause the recording, click the red Camtasia recording icon and click Pause Recording. You can also use the same button to stop a recording. Simply click the Stop Recording option

4) Camtasia will automatically add the screen recording to the Media Library. Click Media and drag the screen recording to the timeline. Adjust the recording to fit the project canvas. 

5) To save the recording, click Share and click Local File. Enter a name for the file, select a file format, and click Export. The file will be exported to the folder that you have chosen. Simply navigate to that folder on your computer to access the screen recording

Record your screen using Snagit