A simple guide on how to install shopware community edition on a cloud hosted linux ubuntu 20.04 LTS server.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the community edition of the shopware ecommerce system on a cloud hosted linux ubuntu server. For this demo I will use the amazon web services LIGHTSAIL vps hosting service but you can still follow along this tutorial if you would like to use a different cloud or hosting provider such as DIGITAL OCEAN, GOOGLE CLOUD, ALIBABA CLOUD. Shopware community edition offers a beautiful and user-friendly web UI used for managing clients and orders. It allows you to manage the prices of products, change or update themes, design email templates for marketing your products, and so much more. So basically if you are a new or existing business owner and looking for an affordable way to deploy a global ecommerce solution then we recommend that you try out the shopware ecommerce solution for your brand. With shopware you can deploy a complete end to end solution from design your online store and managing orders to shipping and final product delivery. Watch this tutorial right up to the end to learn how to install the system and also how to protect the e-commerce system with a free letsencrypt SSL certificate in minutes!