A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing the ChatGPT Plugin on ONLYOFFICE Docs and ONLYOFFICE Desktop.


ONLYOFFICE Docs is an open source office suite that allows you to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It is a great tool for both personal and professional use. With the help of the ChatGPT plugin, you can now take your collaboration experience to the next level. This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to install this plugin on ONLYOFFICE Docs so you can start using it right away.


The following is an overview of the steps covered in this tutorial:
1) What is ChatGPT and how can it help with text generation
2) What are the benefits of installing the ChatGPT plugin on ONLYOFFICE Docs and ONLYOFFICE Desktop
3) How to install the ChatGPT plugin on ONLYOFFICE Docs
4) How to install the ChatGPT plugin on ONLYOFFICE Desktop
5) Configuring and using the ChatGPT plugin.
6) Advanced settings and conclusion.

What is ChatGPT and How Can it Help with Text Generation?

ChatGPT is a text-generating AI tool that helps content creators and copywriters create engaging, relevant content quickly and easily. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate text from given prompts and context, making it an invaluable tool for copywriters who need to produce high-quality content at scale. With ChatGPT, copywriters can save time by automating the tedious task of generating content ideas and writing drafts. Additionally, ChatGPT can help content creators create more personalized messages to their customers by understanding the context of conversations. In short, ChatGPT is an essential AI writing assistant that can help make the process of creating compelling copy easier than ever before.

What are the Benefits of Installing the ChatGPT Plugin on ONLYOFFICE Docs and ONLYOFFICE Desktop?

With the ChatGPT plugin installed on ONLYOFFICE docs, you get the best of both worlds on one interface. A great open-source document collaboration platform and an AI writing assisted to make your ideas come to life. The ChatGPT Plugin for ONLYOFFICE Docs is also a powerful tool that can help you create and manage documents faster and more efficiently. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the process of writing and editing your documents, saving you time and effort. With this plugin, you can quickly generate content for your documents without having to manually type it out. Additionally, it also allows you to collaborate with others on the same document in real-time, making it easier for teams to work together on projects. The ChatGPT Plugin is a great way to improve the overall productivity of your organization by streamlining document creation processes.

How to install the ChatGPT plugin on ONLYOFFICE Docs

Assuming that you do not have ONLYOFFICE docs installed on your server. I will outline how to install it on a Debian based server. Run the following command to install apt-transport-https and ca-certificates
Add the docker gpg key and the docker-ce repository:
Update the system repository and install docker community edition:
Install ONLYOFFICE Docs by running the docker command shown below
When the installation is complete, you can access ONLYOFFICE docs by running the command http://your-server-ip. Ensure to complete the post-installation setup process.

Install the ChatGPT plugin

To install the ChatGPT plugin, open the ONLYOFFICE document editor and click the Plugins tab. Click Plugin Manager then search for ChatGPT. Click the Install button and when the installation is complete, you will see a new ChatGPT icon.

How to install the ChatGPT plugin on ONLYOFFICE Desktop