CISCO ICND1 (100 -105) Tutorials

The Cisco ICND1 ( Interconnecting Cisco Devices Part 1) exam is designed test your understanding of networking fundamentals. Tutorials available here will help you with what you need to pass the ICND1 100-105 exam. Practical configuration guides delivered through practice labs and exercises are available here and will help you get started on the skills you need to work on enterprise level networks!

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CISCO updated the certification and training program and the last day for the ICND 1(100 – 105) exam is 23 February 2020. New certification courses will be available from 24 February 2020

Network Devices Fundamentals

This tutorials introduces you to cisco network devices that are the basic building blocks of any network and how to choose the appropriate device for any use case.

IP Addressing Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of IP Addressing including how to create and calculate subnets for any network as well as how IP addresses and packets work on a network.

Networking Basic Concepts

Learn the fundamentals and basic concepts in computer networking such as how to build good IT training habits, How to document and troubleshoot network issues.

The OSI Reference Model Tutorial

This tutorial provides a guide on the OSI Model, All the different layers of OSI Model and their functions as well as an in depth analysis using Wireshark.

How To Access The Cisco Command Line

Learn how you can gain access to the IOS command line interface to start setting up and configuring a CISCO router or switch.

Introduction To Cisco IOS

Learn the basic concepts of Cicos IOS, a command line , context based operating system to control cisco devices.

How To Install Cisco Packet Tracer.

Read through this tutorial to learn how to design and simulate networks using cisco packet tracer on a Windows, MacOS, Linux or Android computer. We'll also show you how to customize the Packet Tracer UI.

The Best Base Config For A New Cisco Device

Learn the recommended configuration that you can place on a new cisco router or switch such as setting a hostname and IP address as well as enabling SSH access for remote management.

Switchport Security On A Cisco Switch.

Switch port security is one of the most essential CISCO configuration task that should be done on a new network or implemented on an existing network. Read this tutorial to learn how to configure it today!