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Go From Zero To Hero With The Free Apple MacOS Tutorials And User Guide's Available Here!

Apple is one of the leading technology companies that produces high end smart devices , apps and software services. Some of the well known apple products include the Mac Book Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini iPhone, iPad, Apple Watches, Airpods and more! The Mac OS is an operating system used on Apple’s fleet of desktop / laptop products and comes with many great apps and features such as SIRI, iMessages, Safari, Mail, Quicktime Player, Reminders, Calendar and so much more!!  The ABSOLUTELY FREE Tutorials available here will help and guide you from getting started with your first Mac OS device until you become a pro user!

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How To Screen Mirror An Android Phone Or Tablet On A MacOS Device

Being able to cast the screen of your android phone or tablet is very useful in scenerios where you have to interact with your android device with having to look away from your Mac OS laptop or desktop. Click on the READ NOW button below to learn how to screen mirror your android device on a Mac.

How To Transfer Files And Folders Between Android And MacOS Using A USB Cable.

If you use a Mac for productivity purposes and an android device for communication purposes then you might want to transfer files and folders between the two devices using a simple USB cable. Read this tutorial to learn how to setup file transfer between Android and MacOS in a few simple steps.

Learn How To Create, Open And Extract A RAR Archive File On Mac OS High Sierra.

Compressed archive files are very useful in situation where you would want to combine several files and folders into a single and smaller compressed file. This tutorial is a simple guide on how to create, open and extract a RAR archive file on a MacOS 10.7 or later using apps such as The Unarchiver.

Steps To Take To Create A Simple Wifi Hotspot On MacOS 10.7 And Higher.

Almost every Mac with a wireless network interface can run as a WiFi hotspot thereby enabling you to essentially share the wired internet connection on the Mac to other devices using a wireless connection. Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to create a simple WiFi hotspot on Mac OS 10.7 and higher.

Install Docker On MacOS 10.13 Or Newer And Deploy A NGINX Container.

Docker is basically an application that makes use of OS-level virtualization to make it possible to run isolated application / software containers. The aim of this tutorial is to show you how to install Docker on MacOS 10.13 or newer (i.e Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, or High Sierra) and deploy a NGINX web server.

Run ChromeOS On MacOS 10.7 Or Newer Using CloudReady OS And VMware Fusion.

Have you ever wanted to play android apps and games right on your MacOS and even play the games using a fully fledged game controller. Its very much possible using the ChromeOS based Cloudready Home edition operating system and VMware Fusion 11.0. Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to set it up!

Learn How To Install The Dropbox App On MacOS High Sierra Or Newer.

Dropbox has evolved from being just a simple cloud storage service and into a full featured cloud storage and collaboration platform. Not only can you simply store and share files on dropbox but you can also setup teams, do live chat and more!. Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to install dropbox right on your MacOS device.

How To Uninstall The Dropbox App On MacOS High Sierra Or Newer.

If you would like to discontinue using the dropbox MacOS app for whatever reason but when you try to move the app to trash you get the error message "The item Dropbox can’t be moved to Trash because some of its extensions are in use, continue reading this tutorial to see how to unistall dropbox from your MacOS computer

How To Install VirtualBox 6.1 On MacOS And Setup The VBox Extension Pack.

Virtualbox is a well know free opensource software that makes it possible to deploy virtual machines right on a Mac, Windows or Linux PC. The Virtualbox extension pack adds even more functionality and capability to virtualbox. Continue reading this tutorial to learn more about how to install virtualbox and the extension pack on a Mac.