How To Configure Switchport Security On A Cisco Switch (CCNA - Packet Tracer Lab)

When deploying a CISCO switch on a small or large network, configuring switch port security on is a very important. Switch port security helps to protect a network from unauthorized access and even from unexpected network intrusion and attack. With CISCO port security it is possible to set the number of MAC addresses that can be learnt by a switch port as well as restrict a switch port to a specific MAC address. By the time you finish learning from this tutorial you will be able to implement switch port security not only in a CISCO packet tracer lab but also on a real CISCO switch. You will also learn what switch port security is and why it is important.  A practical exercise to test your understanding is included at the end of this tutorial.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A desktop or laptop with Windows 10 , MacOS or Linux Ubuntu and atleast 4GB of RAM
2) A student user account on cisco network academy (netacad)
3) The CISCO packet tracer application
4) A CISCO switch (optional)


1) Download and install the CISCO packet tracer software onto your computer. If configuring a real CISCO switch you can use a terminal emulation software such as PUTTY.
2) Create a simple packet tracer network with atleast one CISCO switch and atleast 5 devices
3) Configure port security on one CISCO port and test changes
4) Apply the port security configuration on all of the network interfaces on the CISCO switch.

Step 1: Download And Install Cisco Packet Tracer

1) Click HERE to go to the CISCO netacad website and log into your Netacad account. If you do not have a netacad account, go to the netacad website and enroll for a free CISCO course. When you enroll you will get a FREE Netacad account which makes it possible for you to download Cisco Packet Tracer.

2) Once you have logged into your NetAcad account, click on RESOURCES > DOWNLOAD PACKET TRACER then click on the download link for the operating system where Packet Tracer will be installed.