How To Create A Simple WiFi Hotspot With Radius Server Authentication On A Mikrotik Wireless Router oR Access Point

A WiFi HotSpot is a very useful and widely used type of wireless network in restaurants, offices, theme parks, stadiums, airports, hospitals and public transportation areas. Many individuals, businesses and organisations deploy wireless hotspots for many reasons which include, sharing an internet connection in a community, luring more customers to their location and drive more sales, marketing and customer service. This tutorial shows how to create a WiFi hotspot with radius server authentication on a mikrotik wireless router or access point. Click on the button below to watch the video tutorial


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A desktop or laptop with atleast Windows 7 and a wireless network interface card.
2) The Winbox windows application.
3) A mikrotik wireless router.


1) Go to hardware page, select a router and / or wireless accept point that can work well for your environment and decide on where to buy the mikrotik equipment.

Step 1: Go to The hardware page and select a wireless router or wireless access point.

1) Click HERE to visit the official mikrotik hardware products page. On this page the are full details of various mikrotik hardware products that you can purchase. You can use the “PRODUCT FILTERS” section to filter for indoor or outdoor wireless routers and access points and make a selection based on your budget and where or not the device satisfies your requirement.

However important considerations to make are :

1) What is your WAN connection type (LTE, ETHERNET or WIRELESS).
2) What is the range of the WiFi hotspot that you wish to have
3) What is the connection speed and number of devices that you anticipate to have on the WiFi hotspot.
4) What is your budget for purchasing the mikrotik network devices.

2) Once you have made a selection on a mikrotik wireless router or access point to purchase, click HERE to purchase from the online store.

You can also buy from popular online retailers such as AMAZON or ALIBABA as you can find new and used devices with different prices.

You can also purchase  from a local brick and mortar network equipment retailer that is closest to you.

Step 2: Connect To The Mikrotik router And Configure The WiFi Hotspot Using Winbox.

3) Click HERE to visit the official mikrotik download page where you can download the winbox windows application.

Once its downloaded onto your computer, open WINBOX then click on the NEIGHBORS tab. You should see the MAC ADDRESS, IP ADDRESS and IDENTITY of mikrotik routers  and access points available on your network.

Double click on the IP ADDRESS or MAC ADDRESS of the router / access point to populate the CONNECT TO field. If the device is new, type “admin” on the USERNAME field, and leave the password field empty and click on “CONNECT”

If the router / access point is password protected you will need authorised access to the router login details.

4) The first step is to disable the wireless security profile if any is configured because users connecting to the hotspot will authenticate using the radius server.

Click on “WIRELESS > SECURITY PROFILES” and double click on the wireless profile

5) The next step is to set a easy to remember and easy to identify WiFi service set identifier SSID so WiFi hotspot clients can connect to it with ease.

To do so click on”WiFi INTERFACES >