Learn How To Create A WiFi Hotspot In Windows 10 To Share An Internet Connection.

Easily make your Windows 10 device into a mobile hotspot by sharing a Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular data connection with other devices using the Windows 10 Wi-Fi hotspot feature. This tutorial aims to provide a simple and easy to follow guide on how to quickly configure a Windows 10 Wi-Fi hotspot 


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to put together these items before taking implementation action on the tutorial to ensure success. These items are as follows :
1) A Desktop or Laptop PC With A working Wireless Network Interface Card.
2) An active internet connection.



Step 1 : Setup Wi-Fi HotSpot

1) Power up your computer, login and launch the start menu, or click on the Windows key on your keyboard. Next click on the settings gear icon to open the Windows 10 settings app

2) Click or tap on the “NETWORK & INTERNET” option to open the Windows 10 network and internet connectivity settings.

3) Select the “MOBILE HOTSPOT” option.
4) Set the “MOBILE HOTSPOT” switch from the “OFF” position to “ON” position.
5) Select the “SHARE MY INTERNET CONNECTION” dropdown and choose the desired internet connection to share.

6) Press the “EDIT” button to adjust the “NETWORK NAME” , “NETWORK PASSWORD” , and “NETWORK BAND” options. Windows 10 has support for the 5GHz, 2.4GHz bands and you can also choose “ANY AVAILABLE” to let Windows 10 decide the Wireless band to use. The 5GHz band provides faster speeds but over a short distance whilst the 2.4GHz band provides slower speeds but over a longer distance.

7)The “TURN ON REMOTELY” feature automatically turns on the hotspot on if both devices are Bluetooth-enabled