Learn How To Create A Windows 10 Virtual Machine Using Vmware Workstation 15 Player

Using a virtual machine can be handy in many situations, such as testing out software in a separate from your primary operating system. A VM is also useful in scenarios there is need to run older software that supports older versions of windows, or running linux machines on a windows PC. This tutorial aims to provide a guide on how to install Windows 10 VM on Vmware Workstation 15.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implimentation action on this tutorial:
1) 1 x Desktop or laptop computer with windows 7, 8 or 10.
2) 1 x VMware Workstation 15 Player.
3) Windows 10 ISO image file.
4) Internet connection (optional).


1) Click HERE to download the WINDOWS 10 disk image file. (ISO FILE)
2) Open VMware workstation and create a new WINDOWS 10 virtual machine. 
3) During the virtual machine creation process, select the INSTALLER DISC IMAGE FILE (ISO) option and select the WINDOWS 10 ISO image file
4) START the virtual machine and install the WINDOWS 10 operating system
5) Once the installation is complete, restart the virtual machine and install VMware tools and Windows updates.

Step 1: Create The Vmware Virtual Machine And Install Windows 10

This tutorial assumes that you have already downloaded and installed Vmware Workstation 15 player on to your computer and that you have a valid Windows 10 ISO image file or installation disk / flash drive.

1) Click on the Windows start icon to open the windows start menu and search for “VMWARE WORKSTATION” and click on the “VMWARE WORKSTATION 15 PLAYER” application in the search result.

2) Once Workstation 15 Player opens, select the “CREATE NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE” option just below the “WELCOME TO VMWARE WORKSTATION 15 PLAYER” message.

3) The “NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE WIZARD” is displayed. Select the “INSTALLER DISK” radio button if you intend to use a physical optical disk for installation of Windows 10.

Select the “INSTALLER DISK IMAGE FILE (iso) if you intend to a Windows 10 iso file for installation. For this tutorial an iso file is used.Click the “NEXT” button.

If you would like to make customizations to the virtual machine choose the “I WILL INSTALL THE OPERATING SYSTEM LATER” radio button. This will create a virtual machine with a blank disk.

Click HERE to see how to use a flash drive for installing Windows 10 on VMware Workstation 15 player.

4) On the next page enter a virtual machine a name i.e “WINDOWS 10 PC” on the “VIRTUAL MACHINE NAME” input box. You can also choose a location that specifies where the virtual machine files will be saved in the “LOCATION” input box.

5) On the “MAXIMUM DISK SIDE : (GB)” input box, specify the maximum size of the virtual machine disk size and choose if you would want to store the virtual disk as a single file or to split the virtual disk into multiple files. In this case we select the “SPLIT VIRTUAL DISK INTO MULTIPLE FILES” radio button.

Click the “NEXT” button and the “READY TO CREATE VIRTUAL MACHINE” dialog will be displayed. Click on the “CUSTOMIZE HARDWARE” button to make changes to hardware related selection if you wish to do so. If not click the “POWER ON THIS VIRTUAL MACHINE AFTER CREATION” check box and click “FINISH”.