How To Create Your First Python Hello World Application Using The Pycharm IDE.

The hello world python program is an all time classic that almost any programmer first learnt how to write and if you are a complete python beginner this tutorial is an ideal starting point. Upon completion of this tutorial you will be able to create a new python project in the pycharm IDE, write a simple python hello world application and run the hello word application.  At the end of the tutorial we have also added some downloadable practice questions in PDF format that you can use to sharpen your python programming skills. If you prefer watching a video tutorial, we have put together a free video on youtube that you can watch at anytime. Click on the VIEW YOUTUBE TUTORIAL button below to start watching now.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implimentation action on this tutorial:
1) Pycharm version 2020.1.3 or newer
2) Python version 3 or newer
3) A PDF reader


1) Open the pycharm IDE and create a new python project. Name the project HELLOWORLD.
2) Create a new python file and name it
3) Write code that will output “HELLO WORLD” in the Pycharm terminal window when executed.
4) Run the program and check the pycharm terminal output at the bottom section of your screen.

Step 1: Create A New Python Project In The Pycharm IDE

1) Click on the Pycharm shortcut to open the IDE and click on the CREATE NEW PROJECT button.

2)  On the LOCATION field change the titled of the project from UNTITLED to HELLOWORLD. Ensure that the BASE INTERPRETER is set to python 3 and click on the CREATE button.

The BASE INTERPRETER is basically a program that run python code. It will interprete python code into instructions (binary code) that a computer can understand.

Step 2: Create A New Python File Named

3) Right click on the project folder named HELLOWORLD and click on NEW > PYTHON FILE.

4) On the  NEW FILE dialogue box, type in as the file name and press ENTER.

Step 3: Write Code That Will Output "HELLO WORLD" in the Pycharm Terminal Window When Executed.

5) In the file that you have created write the following code:

print (“HELLO WORLD”)

6) To run the helloworld program, on the top menu bar click on RUN > RUN.

7) A popup message will be displayed prompting you to confirm that you would like to RUN the helloworld program. Press ENTER on your keyboard.

8) If you can see the “HELLO WORLD” output on the pycharm terminal as well as the words “PROCESS FINISHED WITH EXIT CODE 0” then the helloworld program executed successfully.