How To Enhance Personal Productivity By Linking An Android Or iOS Phone To A Windows 10 PC

The windows 10 fall creators update ships with new features that help you to become more productive. These features include mixed reality, a better photos app, Cortana voice activated power commands and most importantly the “CONTINUE ON PC” feature. The “CONTINUE ON PC” feature is available on a windows 10 app and allows you to see photos on your phone,read text messages, get real time notifications, answer your phone, and even forward websites, searches and articles to your windows 10 pc.  This tutorial provides a guide on how to enhance personal productivity by using “CONTINUE ON PC” to link an Android or iOS phone to a Windows 10 PC


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A computer with windows 10 + fall creators update installed.
2) An Android or iOS device.
3) Internet connection.


1) Open the Windows Settings app, go to UPDATE & SECURITY and check for updates. This will download the Windows 10 fall creators update
2) Open the Windows YOUR PHONE app and link your android or IOS device
3) Mirror your phones display on your WINDOWS 10 device
4) Learn how to send & receive messages from your windows device
5) Learn how to make and receive calls on your WINDOWS 10 device.

Step 1: Get The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

1) If you are currently running an older version of windows 10 you’ll need to download and install the fall creators update so as to enable support for the “YOUR PHONE” app.



Step 2: Setup The Windows 10 Your Phone App.

2) Go to the windows 10 task bar and search for “YOUR PHONE” and click on “OPEN”. If you do not have the app installed open the “MICROSOFT STORE” application, search and install the “YOUR PHONE APP”.

3) On the “LET US KNOW YOUR PHONE TYPE” select the  “ANDROID”  or iPhone option depending on the type of phone you are using.

4) In order to complete the linking procedure the “YOUR PHONE COMPANION” app needs to be installed on your mobile device. On the “LETS LINK YOUR ANDROID / iPHONE AND PC” section enter your phone number so you can get an SMS with a link to download the companion app from your app store. 

5) Download and install the “YOUR PHONE COMPANION” app on to your phone. Open the app and scan the QR code displayed on you windows pc. You can also sign in to your microsoft account if you cannot scan the QR code.

6) AWESOME! your phone is now linked to your windows 10 computer. You can now view notifications received on your phone from your PC, receive text messages,view photos on you phone and even answer calls!

Step 3: Mirror Your Phone's Display On Windows 10

7) Another handy windows 10 app is the “CONNECT” app which can be used to mirror your phone’s display on a windows 10 computer. On the windows 10 start menu search for and open the “CONNECT” app.

8) Enable the screen mirroring or sharing feature on your phone and under available devices select your windows 10 pc.