How To Install Packet Tracer On A Windows 10 PC, Linux PC And On An Android Phone, Tablet or Laptop.

Packet Tracer is a multi-platform visual network simulation tool offered by Cisco that makes it possible for anyone with the requisite skills to design and simulate cisco networks. With packet tracer its is possible to learn and practise concepts on CCNA routing and switching, security, IOT and more. This tutorial provides a guide on how to install Packet Tracer on a Windows 10 PC, Linux PC and on an android phone, tablet or laptop. Click on the button below to watch the video tutorial on youtube


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A desktop or laptop computer with windows 10, MacOS or Linux.
2) A NetAcad user account.
3) An internet connection
4) An android phone, tablet or laptop (chromebook)


1) Login to your NetAcad account and download Packet Tracer.
2) Install Packet Tracer on Windows 10.
3) Install Packet Tracer on a computer with Linux Ubuntu installed.
4) Install Packet Tracer on Android And iOS.
5) Launch the Introduction to Packet Tracer course.

Step 1: Login to NetAcad And Download Packet Tracer.

1) Click HERE to go to the official Netacad website. Once you’re logged in click on “RESOURCES > DOWNLOAD PACKET TRACER”. There are download links for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS mobile app. The download file for windows is about 150MB in size, 165MB for linux and 181MB for MacOS .

2)  Next, open the folder where the Packet Tracer setup file has been downloaded to and double click on the setup file.

On the packet tracer software license agreement select the “I ACCEPT THE AGREEMENT” radio button and click on “NEXT”

3) To choose a destination folder where Cisco Packet Tracer will be installed click on the “BROWSE” button. However it is recommended to use the default folder. 

Click on “NEXT” to proceed.

4) On the “SELECT START MENU” section choose a folder where Packet Tracer shortcuts will be created and click on “NEXT”


Click on “NEXT” to proceed, on the “READY TO INSTALL” section click on the  “INSTALL” button.

Step 2: Install Packet Tracer On A Linux PC.

5) Double click on the Cisco Packet Tracer desktop icon and  enter your NetAcad login credentials. The Packet Tracer user interface will be displayed and you can now start designing and simulating CISCO networks

6) If you are a linux user and a fan of open source technology then you’re in luck because packet tracer is also available on linux on the linux ubuntu distro.

Open a web browser, go to and login to your NetAcad account. Click on “RESOURCES > DOWNLOAD PACKET TRACER” and choose the linux desktop download option. This will download a .deb file for Packet Tracer version 7.3.0 that is about 165MB in size.