How To Install Parrot O.S 4.7 (Security Edition) As A VMware Workstation 15.5 Pro Virtual Machine.

Parrot O.S ships as a fully intergrated environment for security and digital forensics professionals. It is an operating system that gets regular security updates and patches, very low on system resource consumption and has many online learning resources that help when making new configurations and when troubleshooting existing solutions. Parrot O.S also includes software development utilities just incase you need to develop your own custom security solutions. This tutorial will teach you how to install Parrot O.S (Security Edition) As A VMware Workstation 15.5 Pro Virtual Machine.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) Desktop or laptop computer with Windows, MacOS or A Linux Distro Installed.
2) Parrot O.S  Security Edition ISO image file.
3) Internet access (optional).
4) VMware Workstation 15.5 Pro / Player


1) Go to the Parrot OS download page and download the Parrot OS security edition virtual appliance
2) Open VMware 15.5 Pro / Player and create a new virtual machine using the TYPICAL (RECOMMENDED) option.
3) Power on the virtual machine and install Parrot OS
4) Learn how to check for and install Parrot OS software updates.

Step 1: Download The Parrot O.S Security Edition Disk Image File.

1) Open up your favourite web browser and click HERE to download the Parrot OS ISO image file. Select the PARROT SECURITY (Interface: MATE) download option. There are also mirror link and torrent download alternatives on the download page and you may select the download option that works best for you.

Step 2: Create And Install The Parrot O.S Virtual Machine

2) Open up VMware Workstation 15.5 Pro and go to FILE > NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE. This will open the NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE WIZARD. The virtual machine wizard can also be opened by using the CNTRL + N keyboard hortcut or simply clicking on the CREATE NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE button on the Workstation 15.5 Pro home section.

Select the “TYPICAL (RECOMMENDED)” option and click on “NEXT”.

3) On the “GUEST OPERATING SYSTEM INSTALLTION” section select the “INSTALLER DISK IMAGE (ISO)” option and click on the “BROWSE” button. On the windows explorer file selection dialogue go into the folder were the Parrot O.S ISO file is located, select it and click on NEXT.

Select “LINUX” under  “GUEST OPERATING SYSTEM”  and choose Debian 9.x 64 BIT on the “VERSION” sub section.

4) Give the PARROT O.S virtual machine a descriptive name on the “NAME THE VIRTUAL MACHINE” section. PARROT O.S virtual machine files will be saved in the “DOCUMENTS / VIRTUAL MACHINES” folder. If you wish to sae these files in a different location simply click on the “BROWSE” button and select a desired folder to save the files. Click on “NEXT” to proceed.

On the “SPECIFY HARD DISK CAPACITY” section enter the amount of disk space that you would like to allocated to the PARROT O.S virtual machine and select the “SPLIT VIRTUAL DISK INTO MULTIPLE FILES” option and click on “NEXT”

5) On the “READY TO CREATE VIRTUAL MACHINE’ section a summary of the PARROT O.S virtual machine will be display and will indicate hard disk, memory, storage and networking hardware configuration. To make any adjustments to the hardware settings click on the ‘CUSTOMIZE HARDWARE” button.

Once any changes or adjustments are complete click on the “FINISH” button.

6) Power up the PARROT O.S virtual machine by cliking on “POWER ON THIS VIRTUAL MACHINE” option.

On the PARROT O.S boot up screen scroll down to the INSTALL option and press enter.

7)Select the “STANDARD INSTALLER” option and press enter. Choose a desired language on from the available languages and press ENTER.

On the next sections select your location and keyboard keymap (keyboard layout).

Enter a username and password for the root user account on the “SET UP USERS AND PASSWORDS” section. PARROT O.S will also prompt you to create a standard user account and add a password on this section.

8) On the “PARTITION DISKS” choose the “GUIDED – USE ENTIRE DISK AND SETUP LVM” option, select the default options on the next sub sections and on “WRITE CHANGES THE CHANGES TO DISKS AND CONFIGURE LVM” choose “YES”.

9) Once the virtual hard disk partitioning process is complete the system installation process will begin. This is where system files will be copied to the disk, systems applications and a GRUB bootloader installed.

AN INSTALLTION COMPLETE message will be displayed select the CONTINUE option to close the installer and reboot the PARROT O.S virtual machine.

10) Awesome! You Have Successfully Installed Parrot O.S 4.7 (Security Edition) As A VMware Workstation 15.5 Pro Virtual Machine.