How To Install Zorin 15.1 Core Essentials Edition On A Vmware Workstation 15.5 Pro And ESXi 6.0 Virtual Machine

Zorin OS is a Linux distribution based on the Ubuntu operating system. It is built to use a GNOME 3 or XFCE 4 desktop environment by default that is highly redesigned and customized to make it easier for  Windows and macOS users to transition to Linux.Zorin OS is made to be simple to use and you can tailor it to have a Windows or MacOS using the Zorin Appearance app. Zorin OS is built on the reliable linux ubuntu platform and ships with productivity apps such as libre office. Zorin O.S is also great for gaming as you can install apps such as steam available from the app store. Learn how to install Zorin O.S 15.1 Core Essentials Edition On A VMware Workstation Player/ Pro / ESXi 6.0 virtual machine.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A desktop or laptop computer with windows, MacOS or Linux Installed.
2) A server or desktop computer with VMware ESXi 6.0 installed.
3) VMware Workstaion 15.5 Pro
4) Zorin O.S 15 disk image file (ISO)


1) Zorin os minimum system requiremnts
2) Download the ZORIN OS disk image file
3) Open VMWARE Workstation and create a new UBUNTU virtual machine
4) Install ZORIN OS and install VMware tools for ZORIN
5) Learn how to install ZORIN OS on VMware ESXi 6.0

Zorin OS 15.1 System requirements.

The following is a list of system hardware requirements to consider before installing ZORIN OS Ultimate, Education, and Core:
1) RAM = 2GB.
2) CPU = 1 GHz Dual Core – 64-bit.
3) Storage = 10 GB – Core & Education or 20 GB – Ultimate Edition.
4) Display = 800 × 600 screen resolution.

Hardware requirements for ZORIN OS Lite Edition:
1) RAM = 512.
2) CPU = 700 MHz Single Core – 64-bit or 32-bitMB
3) Disk space = 8 GB
4) Display = 640 × 480 screen resolution

Step 1: Download The Zorin O.S Install Disk Image File.

1) Click HERE to download the Zorin OS 15.1 install disk image file. Please note that the ISO file is about 2GB in size. The core essentials version comes with a Windows & touch desktop layouts, libre office (compatible with microsoft office)  and a host of useful built in accessories and tools.

2) Open the VMware Workstation application installed on your computer and click on the “CREATE NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE” button to open the “NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE WIZARD” . You can also use the “CNTRL + N” keyboard shortcut or go to “FILE > NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE”

Select the “TYPICAL (RECOMMENDED)” option and click on “NEXT

3) Select the “INSTALLER DISC IMAGE FILE (ISO)” option and click on the browse button so as to select the Zorin OS iso file saved on your computer. Click on “NEXT” to proceed.

Select “LINUX as the guest operating sytem type, choose “UBUNTU 64 BIT” on the version dropdown menu and click on “NEXT”.

4) Type in a descriptive name for the Zorin OS virtual machine on the “VIRTUAL MACHINE NAME” text box and select a foler to save virtual machine files by clicking on the “BROWSE” button. You can leave the default folde,  once youve chosen a location click on “NEXT”

5) On the “SPECIFY DISK CAPACITY” specify the size of the virtual hard disk on the “MAXIMUM DISK SIZE” input box and choose the “SPLIT VIRTUAL DISK INTO MULTIPLE FILES” option if you wish to move the virtual machine to another computer at a later point in time.

6) On “READY TO CREATE VIRTUAL MACHINE” a full list of virtual machine hardware settings will be displayed. If you wish to make adjustments to the settings simply click on the “CUSTOMIZE HARDWARE” button. Once you’re done click on the “FINISH” button.

7) To power up the virtual machine, click on the “POWER ON THIS VIRTUAL MACHINE” button. This will open a new virtual machine window that shows the VM gui.

8) Once the ZORIN OS VM completes its boot up process select the “TRY OR INSTALL ZORIN OS” option and press enter.

On the “INSTALL” page select your preferred language from the available languages list and  click on the ” TRY OR INSTALL ZORIN OS” button to initiate the install process.

9) On the “KEYBOARD LAYOUT” section choose your keyboard layout. If you are using a keyboard with the QWERTY layout simply select the ENGLISH (US) option and click on  “CONTINUE”. However if you are not sure of your keyboard layout click on the “DETECT LAYOUT” button.

On the “UPDATES AND OTHER SOFTWARE” section you may leave the default selections however if you do not wish to install updates and third party software during install you may unselect the checkboxes.

10) On the “INSTALLATION TYPE” section choose the “ERASE DISK AND INSTALL ZORIN OS” option. Zorin OS will automatically partition the virtual hard disk and create system, boot and storage partition for you. However if you wish to partition the virtual hard disk yourself click on the “SOMETHING ELSE” option.

11) Select your location on the “WHERE ARE YOU?”

12) On the WHO ARE YOU section, enter your name, computer name, username and password in the spaces provided and click on CONTINUE

13) Wait for the ZORINOS installation process  to complete

14) Once the installation is complete, click on the RESTART button