How To Make Money At Home Effortlessly By Selling Your Internet Bandwidth On The Mysterium Decentralized Network.

Making a significant amount of money that you can live on comfortably whilst working from home is a challenging task. You either need to be a business owner, a highly sort after professional consultant or well paid employee to pull it off. However many people to this day struggle to make ends meet whilst working from home and we’ve written this tutorial to try to help such people to earn some extra income from home to support their families and livelihoods. If you have an unlimited and stable internet connection at home, this tutorial will teach you how to setup a mysterium node on a Windows, MacOS or Linux computer in a few simple steps. A node is a device such as a computer which hosts a special piece of software that helps to power the mysterium private and decentralised VPN network. In exchange for the VPN internet traffic that is processed by your node, you get rewarded in the form of crypto currency called myst. The myst crypto coins are deposited into your etherium based crypto wallet automatically and you can withdraw the funds at will. Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to set it up. If you would like to watch a video tutorial, click HERE to watch the video tutorial.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully, the following is a list of items that may be needed or required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implemantaion action on this tutorial:
1) A desktop, laptop or virtual machine with atleast 4GB RAM, a dual core processor and atleast 50GB of free disk space
2) Any of the following operating systems: Windows, MacOS or Linux
3) An Etherium crypto wallet
4) An unlimited internet data plan
5) A myst node.



1) What is the mysterium network and how does it work
2) How to setup a crypto wallet to receive myst coins.
3) How to setup a myst node on Windows , MacOS and Linux
4) How much can you make in a month, is it worth it?
5) It is safe for me to do this, will my internet connection be blacklisted/banned?..

1) What is the mysterium network and how does it work

In order to gain a clear understanding of how the mysterium network works, we’l first take a look at how a traditional private VPN network service works. The main purpose of a VPN service such as NORDVPN is to secure your internet traffic so that internet service providers cannot see what you are browsing for on the internet and also to allow you to gain access to geo blocked internet content such as shows on HBO and NETFLIX. Using a VPN application to connect to the internet also helps to keep your internet data private and secure, it also protects you from threats such as hackers and snoopers as well as government restrictions and oversight.

Basically a user installs a VPN client application and pays for a subscription on the VPN client application. Whenever the user browses for content on the internet, requests are relayed through the VPN client application to the VPN SERVICE PROVIDERS servers. The servers then place requests for the requested internet content on behalf of the user and delivers the content back to the user via the VPN app.

The diagram on the right depicts how a VPN application such as NORDVPN works.

However the challenge of using a privately owned and operating VPN service such as NORDVPN is that the IP addresses and systems that they use can be identified and tracked. So if a service such as HBO or NETFLIX wants to block private VPN traffic they simply need to track and block all internet traffic originating from IP addresses owned by a service such as NORDVPN..

This is where the MYSTERIUM DECENTRALIZED NETWORK comes in. It is essentially a decentralized, permissionless people powered VPN network that has no central point of control. Almost anyone can join the network as an end user and also as a node runner. This makes it difficult for apps and internet services to block traffic and promotes the democritization of the internet.

3) So how does the mysterium decentralized network actually work? A user downloads and sets up a the mysterium vpn app on their mobile device, laptop or desktop. The application makes it possible to browse for sensored and restricted content on the internet and the user only pays for what they use.

When a user places a request for content, the mysterium network automatically selects the best node that can deliver that content. The node receives and processes the request then delivers the content to the vpn user using its own bandwidth and IP address. The mysterium network has no direct control of the node, its bandwidth, availability, uptime or IP address and this is the key factor that makes the network highly decentralized.

A node can be hosted in a home, on a rasberry pi, laptop, desktop, in a large data centre or in a corporate business. To set up a node, you simply install the mysterium software on an internet connected & supported device, continously run the node 24 / 7 or as long as possible using your IP address and bandwidth and ultimately earn some myst coin based on shared bandwidth and time.

Earnings are based on your region, the amount of bandwidth and time you can contribute to the network. The more users who connect to your stable node, the higher your earning potential.

2) How to setup a crypto wallet to receive myst coins

4) To setup a crypto wallet to receive myst coins, we recommend that you use the metamask crypto wallet. Click HERE to go to the metamask website and click on DOWNLOAD. NB: METAMASK SUPPORTS FIREFOX AND GOOGLE CHROME.
5) Click on the INSTALL METAMASK button and click on ADD.
6) On the METAMASK welcome page, click on GET STARTED and click on CREATE A WALLET.

7) Next, enter a password for you new METAMASK wallet on the password creation fields, click on the ‘HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS OF USE’ check box and click on CREATE.

8) The next step is to secure your crypto wallet, click on NEXT and take note of your secret recovery phrase..

Click on next and verify your secret phase by selecting each word in the right order. Once youv done that, click on CONFIRM.

9) To complete the installation process, click on the ALL DONE button.

9) To access your metamask wallet, click on the METAMASK icon on the top rigth corner on your browser window, if you are using FIREFOX.

If you are using google chrome, click on the APPS icon and click on the METAMASK icon.

When the browser plugin opens, you will instantly see your ETH balance as well as the USD value of the ETH that you have in your account.

3) How To Setup A MYST Node on Windows , MacOS and Linux.

10) To setup a myst node, click HERE to go to the mysterium network sign up page. Click on GET STARTED and click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

Enter your email and password and the spaces provided and click on SIGN UP. a verification link will be sent to your email address..

Open your email click and click on the link that was sent to verify your mystnode account.

11) Once your have signed into your mystnodes account, click on the SELECT button on the DESKTOP category.
12) On the SELECT YOUR OS page, click on the SELECT button on the operating system that you would like to deploy the myst node on..

13) Installation instructions for how to setup the myst node software on your computer will be displayed.

If you are deploying on a Windows or MacOS click on the DOWNLOAD MACOS INSTALLER or DOWNLOAD WINDOWS INSTALLER link.

If you face any challenges with the mysterium installer, alternatively you can download and install docker desktop on your computer then run the following command in the windows command line interface or MacOS terminal to install the myst node:

docker run –cap-add NET_ADMIN -d -p 4449:4449 –name myst -v myst-data:/var/lib/mysterium-node mysteriumnetwork/myst:latest service –agreed-terms-and-conditions..

14) If you are using a laptop or desktop with a debian based operating system such as Linux Ubuntu, open the terminal application and run the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mysteriumnetwork/node

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt install myst

Once the installation is complete, check your service status:

sudo systemctl status mysterium-node.service

15) If you chose to setup your myst node using docker, open the docker dashboard and click on the OPEN IN BROWSER button.

If you using the myst node installer, open up your web browser and enter the following address in the browser address bar:


16) Go back to your account and click on CLAIM NODE then click on CLAIM.
17) Next, click on the START NODE SETUP button to proceed to the next step.

18) Enter your METAMASK ETHERIUM wallet address on the DEFAULT WITHDRAWALL ADDRESS input field and click on NEXT.