How to Quickly Fix "Can't Locate Parallel/ in INC" Error on Centos / RHEL Systems


If you’re trying to run a Perl script on your Centos or RHEL system and are getting the “Can’t Locate Parallel/ in INC” error, then you have come to the right place. This article will guide you through the steps necessary to quickly fix this error and get your script running again. We will discuss how to install the Parallel::ForkManager module, and provide some useful tips for avoiding this error in the future. With these steps, you should be able to quickly resolve this issue and get back up and running in no time!

What is the "Can't Locate Parallel/ in INC" Error and Why Does it Occur?

The “Can’t Locate Parallel/ in INC” error is a common issue encountered by users of the Perl programming language. This error occurs when the user tries to run a script that relies on the Parallel::ForkManager module but it isn’t installed or present in the system’s library path. This error can be caused by an incomplete installation of the module, missing dependencies, or an outdated version of Perl. 

Details about the error and how to fix it

After running a program or script written in perl you get the error message:
Can’t locate Parallel/ in @INC

We can see that the script or program has stop running because it cannot locate the Parallel / ForkManager. A possible solution for this would be to search for and install the missing package. To search for the package, run the command below on a Centos / RHEL based system :

When the search is complete you will see the message:

=============== Matched: forkmanager ===============
perl-Parallel-ForkManager.noarch : Simple parallel processing fork manager

Run the commad below to install the found package:

Parallel ForkManager is a powerful tool that enables developers to execute multiple processes at the same time. It works by creating multiple “forks” or separate instances of the same process in order to take advantage of all available resources on a system. This results in faster execution times and improved performance. By using Parallel ForkManager, developers can easily parallelize their code and improve its efficiency. Additionally, it can be used to automate tasks such as testing, data processing, and machine learning algorithms. With this tool, developers can create highly efficient applications that run much faster than traditional methods.


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