Learn How To Schedule Automatic Reboot In Mikrotik RouterOS

Setting up automatic RouterOS reboot is a feature that alows you to essentially restart Mikrotik RouterOS when certain conditions or parameters are met. This is usefull in scenarios when a RouterOS software update needs to be executed on “always on” networks and the only available time for this operation is during off peak periods such as midnight or early morning hours. This tutorials aims to provide a guide on how best to configure RouterOS automatic reboot.


The following are items required in order to complte this tutorial successfully. Please try to ensure these items are available before taking action on the tutorial:
1) 1 x Laptop or Desktop Computer with a network interface card.
2) 1 x RJ45 network cable.
3) 1 x RouterOS network router.
4) Winbox Utility (DOWNLOAD IT HERE )



Step 1: Connet To RouterOS

1) Power up the Mikrotik router and connect the ethernet cable to the ethernet prt on your computer and ETHER2 on the router. Open the winbox utililty , click on the “NEIGHBOURS” tab and double click on the “IP ADDRESS” of you router. This will popultate the “CONNECT TO” field, proceed to fill out your routeros username and password and click the “CONNECT” button.
2) Next go to “SYSTEM > SCHEDULER” and click on the “+” button to add a new RouterOS schedule.