How To Setup Your Own Personal Cloud Storage Service Using An Owncloud Virtual Machine.

Owncloud is an open source collaboration software similar to dropbox and designed for the cloud that makes it possible to store, access, share files, calendars, contacts and more. Owncloud makes it easy to organize and store files in a place and also offers a free desktop client and the free ownCloud mobile app. Learn how to setup your own cloud storage service using an owncloud virtual machine running on vmware worskstation, ESXi, VirtualBox or KVM. Click on the button below to watch the video tutorial


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have some or all  of these items available before taking implimentation action on this tutorial:
1) A desktop or Laptop With Windows, MacOS or Linux
2) VMware Workstation Player / Pro
3) Access to a VMware ESXi 6.0 server
4) Owncloud virtual appliances for vmware workstation, ESXi, Virtual Box and KVM.


1) Download the ownloud appliance files for vmware workstation, ESXi, Virtual Box and KVM.
2) Create and setup an owncloud virtual machine on vmware ESXi 6.0
3) Create and setup an owncloud virtual machine on vmware workstation pro / player
4) Setup and configure an ownloud virtual machine on Oracle VM Virtual Box.
5) Setup and configure an  ownloud virtual machine on Linux KVM.

Step 1: Download The Owncloud Virtual Appliance.

1) Owncloud virtual appliances are built on the UNIVENTION CORPORATE SERVER platform. The appliance is a simply turn key solution that makes it easy to deploy owncloud even if you are someone who is not very technical. 

Click HERE to go to the official OWNCLOUD download page to download the owncloud appliance for VMWARE ESXi 

2) Open the folder where the UNIVENTION CORPORATE SERVER archive file has be downloaded. Use a fle extraction sofware such as WINRAR or 7ZIP to unpack the archive file.

3) The next step is to open any web browser and login to the VMWARE ESXI web based host client.

Creat an new virtual machine by clicking on “VIRTUAL MACHINES > CREATE / REGISTER VM”.

4) On the ‘SELECT CREATION TYPE SECTION” ESXi will ask how you would like to create the virtual machine. Choose the “DEPLOY A VIRTUAL MACHINE FROM OVF OR OVA FILE” and click on “NEXT”

5) Select the OCS.ovf and UCS.vmdk files, place them on the “CLICK TO SELECT FILES OR DRAG AND DROP” input box and click on the “NEXT” button.