how to shutdown or reboot windows 10 using an android phone or tablet

Learn how you can simply shutdown, restart or put you Windows 10 device in hibernate or sleep mode using the ASUS remotelink app. ASUS Remote Link essentially turns your Android device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for your PC. It also supports presentation and media remotes which allow you to make better presentations and control media on you Windows 10 device.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implimentation action on this tutorial :
1) 1 x Desktop or Laptop Computer With Bluetooth/ WiFi / Ethernet connection.
2) 1 x Android Smartphone With Bluetooth / WiFi connection.
3) Remote Link (PC Remote) app.


1) Download and install the REMOTE LINK (PC REMOTE) app on your android device
2) Download and install the REMOTE LINK PC software on your computer
3) Open the software on your PC and click on the “ENABLE REMOTE LINK IN MY PC” check box
4) Open the REMOTE LINK app on your phone and search for your PC (MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE AND PC ARE ON THE SAME NETWORK)
5) Select your computer from the search result and you should now see options to SHUTDOWN, RESTART, SLEEP, HIBERNATE and LOG OFF your computer.

Step 1: Download And Install The Remote Link (PC Remote) App On Your Android Device.

1) The first step is to download the ASUS Remote Link (PC Remote) APP on your android phone or tablet. To do so search for “REMOTE LINK (PC REMOTE)” on the Google play store or click HERE for a direct link to the app download page on Google Play.
2) Next click HERE to download the “REMOTE LINK” windows application on to your computer. A zip archive file will be downloaded, extract this zip file using winrar, 7zip or windows file explorer and run the “REMOTELINKSETUP” setup file to install “REMOTE LINK” on your computer.
3) RemoteLinkSetup will request that you restart your computer to proceed. Simply restart your computer and once done open the “ASUS SMART GESTURE” application from the desktop shortcut. Once opened tick on the “ENABLE REMOTELINK ON MY PC” check box. This will allow the ASUS remotelink app to communicate with your PC.
4) Lauch the RemoteLink app on your phone. Select “Wi-Fi” then click on the “SEARCH DEVICE” button. You can also use Bluetooth if both devices are on the same bluetooth network. If the RemoteLink app successfully scans and finds your PC, click / touch on your computer name on the “SELECT DEVICE” popup message.
5) To view the power options that you can use click on the power icon on the bottom right section of the app screen. There are five options to choose from: Restart, Shutdown, Sleep, Hibernate and Logoff but for the purpose of this tutorial select the “RESTART” button. If you would like to shutdown your computer select the “SHUTDOWN” button instead.
6)ASUS RemoteLink will ask if you are sure to restart your computer. If so select the “RESTART” button.

7)  Your computer will proceed to do a full system restart or shutdown as per the chosen RemoteLink app power option..