How to Turn On The Windows 10 Dark Theme

Eye strain resulting from usage of computers and smartphones is both un avoidable and very uncomfortable. If you use Windows 10 on your computer, Windows built a feature called dark mode/dark theme that applies a dark theme to most windows applications such as windows explorer. This tutorial aims to provide a guide on how to to turn on and enable the Windows 10 dark mode / dark theme.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implimentation action on this tutorial :
1) Desktop, Laptop or Tablet with Windows 10 installed with latest updates.
2) Internet connection (Optional)

Step One : Setup Windows 10 Dark Theme / Dark Mode

1) To set the Windows 10 dark theme / dark mode power up your computer, login and launch the start menu, or click on the Windows key on your keyboard.
2) Next click on the settings gear icon to launch the windows 10 settings app
3) In the settings app click on the “PERSONALIZATION” option
4) In the “PERSONALISATION” settings click on the “COLORS” tab. On the “CHOOSE YOUR COLOR” drop down menu choose the “DARK” option. On the “CHOOSE YOUR DEFAULT WINDOWS MODE” section choose the DARK radio button.

Finally on the “CHOOSE YOUR DEFAULT APP MODE” select the “DARK” radio button.

5) You can also setup accent colors in the “CHOOSE YOUR ACCENT COLOR” section. This allows you to specify a different colors for the windows start menu, taskbar, title bars and window borders.

6) AWESOME ! You have successfully Turned On The Windows 10 Dark Theme / Dark Mode. Please note that dark mode will may or may not be enabled on all applications installed on your computer due to dark mode compatibilty issues.