Instructions on how to install OCS Inventory server on Linux Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Need a free and opensource IT inventory or asset system to help manage your IT department ? OCS Inventory server might just be the software you need. OCS Inventory Server is a powerful open source inventory management system for tracking hardware and software assets. It helps businesses to keep track of their IT infrastructure by collecting data about the hardware and software installed on each device. This data can then be used to generate reports, track trends, and make decisions about how to manage the IT infrastructure. OCS Inventory Server can be used to automate the process of inventory management which saves time and resources for businesses. It is highly secure and easy to use, making it an ideal solution for businesses that need to keep track of their IT assets.


The following is a list of items that you will need to complete this tutorial successfully:
1) The Apache web server or OpenLiteSpeed Web Server
2) The LOMP or LAMP Stack
3) An SSH client to connect to the Linux Ubuntu Server ( Putty or macOS Terminal app )
4) OCS dependencies for Ubuntu
5) A fully qualified domain name managed by CloudFlare (Optional)


1) Download and install dependencies for OCS
2) Download and install the LOMP stack – OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB, PHP
3) Configure UFW and PHP
4) Install OCS and configure a Virtualhost in OpenLiteSpeed
5) Complete the OCS server and OCS reports post-installation setup

Download and install dependencies for OCS

The first step to complete this setup is to update the system repository and install dependencies for the OCS inventory system. Run the command below to start the repository update process:

When the update process is complete, run the command below to install git, curl, wget, make, cmake, gcc and make. The packages are needed to complete this set up successfully

Proceed to install Perl and some Perl packages. These are needed because the OCS inventory management system is written in Perl, PHP and C++