Introduction And Walkthrough The AWS Management Interfaces.

AWS applications and services can be provisioned and managed through three AWS management interfaces. These are : The AWS web based console which can be accessed from any supported web browser, The AWS command line interface and  The AWS software development kits (SDK’s).  This tutorial provides a guide on how to get a free AWS account as well as a basic walkthrough of the AWS management interfaces.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:

1) A desktop or laptop with windows, MacOS or Linux installed.
2) An AWS supported web browser (chrome, firefox, I.E or Safari).
3) An internet connection. (5Mbps minimum).

5) A working credit / debit card
4) An email account.

Step One: Create An AWS Free Tier Account.

1) Click HERE to go to the official AWS website where you can register a free Amazon Web Services account. Youl need an email address and an easy to remember  AWS account name when you sign up.

Creating an AWS account grants you 12 MONTHS OF FREE TIER ACCESS and allows you to create and manage AWS EC2 instances, create AMAZON SIMPLE STORAGE SERVICE (S3) BUCKETS to store your data and use services such as Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon Security and so much more.