Learn How To Create A Windows XP SP3 Virtual Machine On Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1 In Just About 10 Minutes Or Less

Most PC hardware manufacturers have since stopped supporting Windows XP on existing and new computer hardware. This means  that drivers needed to install and run Windows XP difficult to find. However if you would like to run an application / software that only works on Windows XP or if you would like to learn about older Microsoft operating systems and applications on your current Mac or PC, read this tutorial to learn how to create a Windows XP SP3 Virtual Machine  on Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1 in just about 10 minutes or less. Click on the button below to watch the video tutorial


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A desktop or laptop with atleast 4GB of RAM.
2) A Windows XP license key
3) Oracle VM virtualbox 6.1 or newer
4) The Windows XP physical install disk or ISO file.


1) Click HERE to download a copy of the Windows XP disk image file (ISO) from a trusted website such as the internet archive (
2) Open Oracle VM VirtualBox and create a new windows xp virtual machine
3) Power on the virtual machine and install Windows XP using the ISO file
4) Once installation is complete, shutdown the virtual machine, detach the Windows XP ISO file and power on the Windows XP VM.

Windows XP System Requirements.

1) The following are the minimum system requirements needed to run Windows XP on a physical computer or on a virtual machine successfully. You can use the requirements as a point of reference when configuring the virtual hardware in VirtualBox.

1) At least 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM
2) At least 5 GB of hard disk space.
3) Graphics card with support for atleast 800 x 600 screen resolution and 120MB of video card memory
4) An intel 300MHz processor or faster.

Step 1: Download The Windows XP Disk Image File ISO

2) Microsoft ended support for the Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014. And most download resources for the O.S are nolonger available on the Microsoft website. However there are other trusted website where you can download a copy of the Windows XP ISO file such as the internet archive (

Click HERE to go to te internet archive web page where you can download Windows XP.

Step 2: Create The Windows XP Virtual Machine.

3) Open the VirtualBox 6.1 app and click on MACHINE > NEW or press CNTRL + N on your keyboard. This will open a virtual machine creation wizard.

4) Click on EXPERT MODE and type in a name for the virtual machine on the NAME text input field. Choose a folder to save virtual machine files on the MACHINE FOLDER option and select the MICROSOFT WINDOWS option on the TYPE drop down menu. On the version drop down menu, choose WINDOWS XP (32-BIT).

5)  The next step is to set the amount of memory to be allocated to the virtual machine as well as create a virtual hard disk.

On the MEMORY SIZE text input box type in 128MB of RAM or more and select the CREATE A VIRTUAL HARD DISK NOW radio button. Click on the CREATE button, type in the size of the virtual hard disk and choose the virtual hard disk file type and click on CREATE.

6) Right click on the newly created Windows XP virtual machine and click on SETTINGS. Click on the DISPLAY tab and set the amount of VIDEO MEMORY to 120MB. Click on OK to save and apply changes.

7) Right click on the Windows XP virtual machine and click on START > NORMAL START. The virtual machine will then ask to select a virtual optical disk file upon start up. Click on the small yellow file icon on the botton right side to open the virtual box file selection window.

8) Click on the ADD DISK IMAGE button and browse to the folder where the Windows XP ISO file is located on you computer. Highlight the ISO file and click on CHOOSE then click on START.

9) The virtual machine will boot up using the Windows ISO file and lauch the Windows XP Setup. Windows setup is a program that prepares Microsoft Windows to run on a computer. Press the ENTER key on your keyboard to proceed.

10) Press the F8 key thats on your keyboard to access the Windows Licensing agreement.

11) Proceed by formatting the virtual hard disk  using the NTFS FILE SYSTEM (QUICK) option. Once the virtual hard disk has been formatted WINDOWS XP SETUP will start copying Windows installation files to the virtual hard disk. 

12) A graphical window showing the windows installation stages will be displayed. Do not power off the virtual machine a this stage but wait for the process to complete. The amount of time it will take depends on the perfomance of the virtual machine.

13) WINDOWS SETUP will prompt you to set yoor REGIONAL AND LANGUAGE options. Click on the CUSTOMIZE button. Please note that option here have an effect in how some programs format numbers, currencies, dates and times. Choose options that best suite your current location and language and click on the APPLY button.

14) Type in a your name and organization name and click on NEXT.

Because Microsoft Windows XP is outdated and no longer supported it is not possible to purchase a license key from microsoft. However WINDOWS XP SETUP will ask you to type in a product key. Go to the website that you downloaded the Windows XP ISO file and check if they also provide a license key.

If you downloaded from the internet archive as advised on step 1, the license key can be found on the description of the Windows XP page. Once you have typed in the license key, click on NEXT to proceed.

15) Type in a computer name on the COMPUTER NAME text input box and specify a password on the ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD text input box and click on NEXT. 

Proceed by setting the current date, time and time zone and click on NEXT.

16) On the NETWORK SETTINGS page click on the TYPICAL SETTINGS radio button and click on NEXT.

On the WORK GROUP OR COMPUTER DOMAIN page, choose the option that sets the virtual machine as not part of a domain and click on NEXT.

17) WINDOWS SETUP will automatically restart the virtual machine when the intallation is complete. When Windows XP starts up for the first time you will be asked question such as whether to register the new Windows XP installation on, download updates and type in the name of the person who will use the computer.

Choose option that work best for you and click NEXT on each page.

18) Windows XP will automatically adjust the screen resolution and log into the adminstrator account automatically. From this stage you can start using  the Windows XP virtual machine such as install and run programs that only work on Windows XP.