Learn How To Deploy WordPress 5.4.2 On VMware ESXi 6.0 Using The Bitnami WordPress Stack Virtual Machine.

Bitnami is a well known service provider of packaged applications for open source technologies and one of the application that they make is the Bitnami WordPress Stack installer. This application simplifies the process of setting up a wordpress wordpress and is available on most desktop / server operating systems, cloud environments such as AWS, Docker / Kubernetes containers as well as virtual appliances. This means that you can deploy wordpress on almost any platform in almost any IT enviromnent. Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to deploy WordPress 5.4.2 on VMware ESXi 6.0 Using the Bitnami WordPress Stack VM. If you prefer watching a step by step video click on the button below to watch on youtube.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A desktop or laptop with a web browser for accessing the VMware ESXi web console
2) The VMware remote console software.
3) The Bitnami WordPress stack virtual appliance .ova file
4) An internet connection to update wordpress to the latest version.


1) Go to the official bitnami website and download the .ova file for the bitnami virtual appliance.
2) Login to the ESXi web console and create a new virtual machine using the bitnami virtual applicance file
3) Power on the virtual machine > open a new web browser console and open the wordpress dashboard
4) Go through the wordpress post installation steps , download and install wordpress updates.

Step 1: Download The Bitnami WordPress Virtual Appliance.

1) The Bitnami wordpress virtual appliance containts a small light weight linux distro with an open source web server as well as an installation of WordPress.

Click HERE to go to the official bitnami downloads page.  You will notice that there are download option for various on premise and cloud based platforms.

On the “ON MY COMPUTER” section click on the VIRTUAL MACHINES” button scroll down and click on “DOWNLOAD .OVA FORMAT”

The bitnami website will show an email popup where you have to type in your email address before you can access the download link.

2) The next step is to check the checksum of the .ova file that you have downloaded so as to ensure the correctness and integrity of the file.

Go to the folder where the .ova file has been downloaded to then press “SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK”. Select the “OPEN POWERSHELL WINDOW HERE” option and run the following command

                   certutil -hashfile “NAMEOFBITNAMIWORDPRESS.ova” SHA256

 This command will check the .ova file’s checksum using the SHA256 hashing algorithm and return a long string of letters and numbers. This number should match the checksum of the .ova file shown on the bitnami website.