Learn how to install the portainer container management system on a cloud hosted Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server in 7 minutes

Today I will show you how to install the portainer docker container management system on a linux ubuntu cloud hosted server. For this demo, I will use a Linux Ubuntu 20.02 LTS instance hosted on the Lightsail VPS hosting service on the amazon cloud platform. Portioner allows you to Deploy, configure, troubleshoot and secure containers in minutes on Kubernetes, Docker, Swarm and Nomad in any cloud, data center or device. So basically Portainer is a great tool that can be used to manage Docker containers, Swarm services, and other resources from a simple and intuitive web user interface. Portainer provides several free features and paid plugins that can enhance the user experience for managing Docker clusters. Its a really great way to deploy complicated linux apps and packages in minutes!