Learn how to install the winbox network configuration tool on an Apple Mac running MacOS 10.11.6 (El Capitan) or any newer version of MacOS.

The mikrotik WINBOX tool is a well know application that is used by many MIKROTIK networking professionals to configure and manage MIKROTIK devices such as wireless access points, routers and switches. However the WINBOX app has native support for the windows operating system and at the time of publishing this video there is no official WINBOX app for LINUX and MACOS. In this tutorial you will learn how to install the MIKROTIK WINBOX tool on a MAC. You will learn how to set it up on MACOS 10.11.6 (el capitan) or any newer version of MACOS using a software called CROSSOVER.


In order to complete this tutorial, the following is a list of items that may be needed or required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action in this tutorial to ensure success:
1) A desktop or laptop with a dual core processor, 4GB RAM and atleast 20GB of free disk space
2) A web browser (google chrome, safari, firefox, internet explorer, etc)
3) The WINBOX tool 
4) The CROSSOVER app for MACOS
5) A Mikrotik router for testing (optional)


1) Download CROSSOVER from
2) Install crossover on your MAC
3) Download WINBOX from
4) Install WINBOX on your mac using crossover
5) Test WINBOX by logging into a mikrotik router.

STEP 1: Download CROSSOVER from

1) Click HERE to go to the codeweavers website where you can download the CROSSOVER app. Click on the MACOS link to download.

NB: You need to pay about $15 dollars for you to be able to download CROSSOVER, if you are not able to pay, you can check for a pirated copy of CROSSOVER on (we do not recommend this)

STEP 2: Install crossover on your MAC

2) Once the download is complete, open the CROSSOVER.DMG file and drag the CROSSOVER icon to the applications folder. You should see and FILE COPY popup window. 


3) The next step is to download the WINBOX tool from the mikrotik website. Click HERE to go to the website, click on the WINBOX dropdown button and click on the WINBOX 64 BIT option.


4) Right click on the WINBOX app that you have just downloaded and click on OPEN WITH and select CROSSOVER from the list of options. 

5) Click on the SELECT BOTTLE tab, click on NEW WINDOWS 7 64 BIT BOTTLE and type in a name for the bottle on the NEW BOTTLE NAME text input box..

6) Click on the SELECT APPLICATION tab and click on BROWSE ALL APPLICATIONS. Select the UNLISTED APPLICATION option and click on CONTINUE. 

7) You should now see “CROSSOVER IS READY TO INSTALL” on the INSTALL & FINISH tab. Click on the INSTALL button to proceed with the installation.

8) Once the installation is complete, WINBOX will automatically open and you should now be able to log into any MIKROTIK router and start making configuration changes as you wish