Learn How To Upload A VMware Workstation 15.5 Virtual Machine To A VMware ESXi Server.

Before starting on this tutorial there are some considerations that you may need to take note of. If the virtual machine is being copied to ESX/ESXi, but the original virtual machine is still going to be used in Workstation, make sure to deploy the new virtual machine with customization. This changes the MAC address and SIDs so that the new and old virtual machines can run simultaneously without conflict. You must have network access to the ESX/ESXi or vCenter Server from the machine running Workstation. You must have the ports for the management server console and HTTPS ((902 and 443, respectively) open to the ESX/ESXi host from the Workstation host machine. Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to upload a VMware workstation virtual machine to a VMware ESXi server.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items that may be needed or required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A VMware workstation virtual machine
2) VMware ESXi 6.0 server or any newer version
3) You need to have a valid login to the ESX/ESXi host or vCenter Server.
4) Snapshots cause the conversion to take longer. This additional time can be significant if the snapshots are large or have existed for several days or more.
5) If you are not able to connect to vCenter Server or ESX/ESXi hosts, replace the hostname with IP address.