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Linux Ubuntu Server O.S And Desktop O.S Tutorials

Ubuntu Means Humanity To Others. Ubuntu tutorials available here Aim To Extend That Humanity To You By Giving You Access To Free High Quality Tutorials That Will Get You Started In An Ubuntu World! Topics covered here include: the things you need to do after installing ubuntu, setting up 2 factor authentication on ubuntu, setting up ubuntu to use as a web server, using ZFS snapshots and clones as well as beginner tutorials such as creating ubuntu installation media.

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How To Install Ubuntu 19.04 On A Physical Computer

Learn how to install linux ubuntu 19.04 on a physical computer using a bootable flash drive or DVD optical disk

Install Ubuntu 19.10 On VMware Workstation 15.5 Pro

Learn how to install linux ubuntu as a vmware workstation 15.5 pro virtual machine using the ubuntu 19.10 iso image file

How To Install Ubuntu 19.04 On Microsoft Hyper-V

Learn how to install linux ubuntu 19.04 LTS as a virtual machine on the microsoft hyper-v virtualisation platform.

25 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 19.04 LTS

Follow these 25 post installation steps to perfect your newly installed linux ubuntu and configure it for everyday use

How To Deploy Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS On ESXi 6.0

The best way to learn is to learn by doing. Read this tutorial to learn how to install linux ubuntu server 20.04 LTS on an ESXi 6.0 server.

Easy Steps To Take To Install Jitsi Server On Linux Ubuntu.

Jisti server is one of the leading open source video conferencing software available. Learn how to set it up on your home or work network today.

How To Install Docker And Run Containers In Ubuntu

A Docker container image is a packaged unit of software that has everything that may be required to run an application. Learn how to install docker on linux ubuntu and also how to deploy docker containers.

Ubuntu 20.04 Server On VirtualBox, VMware Workstation & Fusion

This 3 part tutorial is an all in one how to guide on how to deploy a virtual machine running linux ubuntu 20.04 Server on Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1, VMware Workstation 15.5 Pro / Player and VMware Fusion / Fusion Pro

Install Invoice Plane 1.5.11 On A Linux Ubuntu 20.04 Server.

If you run a small services or retailing business themn having the ability to issue and send out invoices on demand is very important. Read this tutorial to learn how to install Invoice Plane 1.5.11 on a Linux Ubuntu 20.04 server.

How To Set A Static IP Address On Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

The most common way to administer a linux system is through the use of an SSH client such as Putty. To simplify the process of connecting to the server it is a good idea to set a static IP address. Click on the READ NOW button to learn more.

How To Install NETBOX On Linux Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

Need a free and open source network documentation tool that can do IP address management, device management, store usernames and passwords, etc then NETBOX is what you need. Click on the READ NOW button below to learn how to set it up

How To Install Linux Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop On Oracle VM VirtualBox

Code named Eoam Ermine, linux ubuntu 19.10 desktop is a free to download and free to use operating system that can be installed on any supported x86/64 computer. Read this tutorial to learn how to install Ubuntu 19.10 on an Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine