Microsoft Windows 8.1 Tutorials & Troubleshooting Guides

Microsoft Windows 8.1 is a widely used operating system in many organizations around the world. Initially released in August 2013, it had a completely redesigned user interface with live tiles and widgets. Learn how to install and configure Windows 8.1 is a valuable skill. Articles posted here will teach you how to Install Windows 8.1 on various physical and virtual platforms,  how to install and configure various Windows 8.1 roles and features such as DNS & DHCP, INTERNET INFORMATION SERVICES & FTP, FILE AND PRINTER SHARING, REMOTE DESKTOP SERVICES, etc. You will also learn the skills you need to administer Windows 8.1 in a Windows Server domain, integrate and control access to domains and cloud services, migrate and synchronize settings across multiple devices, implement mobile security and customize configurations using Windows management tools such as Group Policy and the Windows PowerShell.  Each tutorials comes with a free video hosted on the billysoftacademy youtube channel that you can watch at any point in time.  If you would like to learn about new Microsoft products and services click on the button below to go to the WHATS NEW WITH MICROSOFT page. 

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How To Install Windows 8.1 On VirtualBox 6.1 In Less Than 10 Minutes

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Microsoft Windows 8.1 on VirtualBox 6.1 in ten minutes or less. You will need a laptop or desktop with a dual core processor, 4GB RAM and atleast 50GB of free disk space. Click on READ NOW to start now

Windows 8.1 Virtual Machine Creation Process On VMware Fusion 11.1

VMware Fusion is one of the most preferred virtualization software for MAC OS users. To run Windows 8.1 on a MAC. Read this tutorial to learn how to create a Windows 8.1 virtual machine on VMware Fusion 11.0

Learn How To Create A Windows 8.1 VM On VMware Workstation And ESXi

This tutorial is going to explain the step by step installation process of Windows 8.1 on VMware Workstation as well as VMware ESXi. Click on the READ NOW button to start learning now!. A video tutorial is available

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