Mikrotik DUDE Server Tutorials And How-To-Guides For New Beginners And Experienced Users.

Network monitoring is the process of using computer hardware and software to perform tasks such as new network device discovery, network uptime and downtime monitoring, monitoring of slow and failing network devices and links, as well as notification of network administrators in the event of a network problem or outage. There are many network monitoring solutions available today some which are proprietary paid solutions and others free to use open source solutions. Mikrotik offers a network monitoring solution called the DUDE server.  Mikrotik DUDE server is a network management and monitorisng solution that allows you to peform some of the most important network administration tasks with ease. It is a system that allows you to scan and discover devices in a specified subnet on a network, monitor availability of devices on a network and also draw up detailed network maps that show details such as network routers, switches and endpoint devices. Tutorials in this section provide detailed guides on how to install the DUDE server and client software as well as topics on how to perfom various network monitoring tasks. Browse or use the search bar below to find a tutorial and start learning TODAY!

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Steps To Take To Install The Mikrotik DUDE Server And Client

Read this tutorial to learn how to install the DUDE server on a Mikrotik router and the DUDE client on a Windows 10 device in just a few simple steps.

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