Mikrotik RouterOS Tutorials and Configuration Guides For Beginners And Experienced Users

MikroTik is a Network equipment manufacturer based in Riga, Latvia founded in 1996 and produces highly affordable wired and wireless network switches, wireless access systems, as well as network routers For Homes, Businesses and Internet Service Providers (ISP) (wISP). Mikrotik RouterOS Tutorials and configuration guides available here are the best, easy to follow and easy to understand tutorials for any networking professional. Topics covered here Range from basic setup to advanced routing and switching Guides. There are also FREE! Video tutorials on Each Topic hosted on Youtube that you can watch at any time.

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RouterOS Basic Initial Setup Tutorials

Mikrotik Basic and Initial setup and configuration tutorials that will get you up and running wth your routerboard in no time!

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) tutorials

Learn how to Configure Remote Access, Point-to-Point, and Multisite VPN links with this series of easy to read, easy to follow tutorials

Bridging and Switching With RouterOS

Tutorials on how to setup VLAN's, inter VLAN routing and switching as well as configuring bridges in your mikrotik environment.

RouterOS Firewall Tutorials And how-To-Guides.

Learn How To use Mikrotik Routers To protec Your Network against todays network Security threats such as bruteforce attacks, ransomware, Spyware and more!

Tutorials About Mikrotik Licensing

Information and tutorials on how Mikrotik licensing works, where to buy and how to configure licenses in RouterOS

Mikrotik Wireless Tutorials And Guides

Tutorials on how to configure Mikrotik Wireless networks from SOHO networks to enterprise grade networks

Routing and MPLS Tutorials And Guides

Tutorials on how to join different networks together through routing and multi link setup with RouterOS MPLS routing

The DUDE Installation & Configuration Tutorials

Tutorials on how to use the Dude, a free application by MikroTik, which can dramatically improve network management.

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