Mikrotik Routing And MPLS Tutorials For New Beginners And Experienced Users.

A network router plays a crucial role in keeping your organization up and running and knowing how to configure a router is very important. Mikrotik offers a wide range of wired and wireless routing products that come with advanced features to match almost any use case or requirement. Mikrotik Routers  also come with support for routing technologies such as MPLS, VPLS, BGP, OSPF , RIP and more network technologies that are usually available on more expensive and premium grade network routers. Read and learn from the tutorials available here and become a Mikritk routing and mpls pro.

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How To Setup A DNS Server On A Mikrotik Router.

A dns server is an import part of a computer network as it facilitates the resolution and translation of numeric IP addresses to human readable domain names. Read this tutorial to learn how to setup a Mikrotik DNS server, setup DDOS protection for the DNS server as well as adding static DNS entries.