How To Send Email Messages From RouterOS

 The RouterOS E-mail tool is the utility that allows to send e-mails from the router. This utility can be used to send regular configuration backups, exports and logs and uses simple validation and tls encryption. This tutorial aims to provide a guide on how to configure the RouterOS email feature.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required:
1) 1 x Mikrotik Routerboard
2) 1 x RJ45 network cable
3) 1 x Desktop or Laptop computer
4) 1 x gmail or any other email account

Step 1 : Configuring The E-mail Tool

To configure the E-mail tool follow the steps as outlined below :

1) Login to your Mikrotik Routerboard using Winbox and go to TOOLS > EMAIL.
2) On the EMAIL configuration page that appears set the parameters as shown in the image and below:
B) PORT : 587
C) START TLS : yes
E) PASSWORD : yourgmailpassword
You may adjust these settings accordingly if you use any other mail service other than gmail.

If you are configuring the email app using GMAIL be sure to enable less secure app access to your gmail account to allow RouterOS to login to your gmail account. Go to to enable this.

After this you can test your configuration by sending a test email message to your gmail account from RouterOS. To do this go to TOOLS > EMAIL and click on the SEND MAIL button.  On the Send mail page leave the address, port, user, password and tls check box empty, just enter the email youd like to send to in the TO field , add a subject and message and finally click SEND EMAIL. If you get a TIME  OUT error message then it means you EMAIL configuration is incorrect or you entered and incorrect mail account in which case you would have to review these details to ensure that they are correct. The images on the left and below a test message send from RouterOS and received in a GMAIL