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Read This Tutorial To Learn How To Create An IPSEC Site-To-Site VPN Using Mikrotik Routers In A Few Simple Steps.

When two people are having a private conversation they expect it to be PRIVATE and if that conversation is being done in a public area they would go to a private secluded place so that the information they are exchanging wont be heard by anyone else. Some business organizations go to the extent of building sound proof rooms so that private meetings and conversations can be held in complete privacy. Similarly if sending sensitive information over a network you would also want to see confidentiality for the information that is being sent back and forth. VPN’s are what make it possible to exchange private information over public networks and an IPSEC VPN is one of the many types of VPN’s that can do this. Mikrotik Routers come with built in support for IPSEC and allow you to deploy secure VPN connections in many different types of scenarios. You can build  pure IPSEC VPN’s, GRE or L2TP connections with IPSEC encryption and more. The focus of this tutorial is to help you learn and understand how to create an IPSEC Site-To-Site VPN Using Mikrotik routers between two or more endpoints. Click on the button below to watch the FREE video tutorial on YOUTUBE.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully, the following is a list of items that you may need. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A desktop or laptop with atleast 2GB RAM, a dual core processor and atleast 50GB of free disk space.
2) Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
3) The Winbox application
4) Access to two Mikrotik routers located at two different locations
5) An internet connection with a public IP address or dynamic DNS configured


1) What is IPSEC and how do you use it
2) IPSEC Site-To-Site VPN Tunnels explained
3) Recommended Mikrotik routers and where to buy them
4) Network diagram for this tutorial

What Is IPSEC And How Do You Use It.