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Read This Tutorial To Learn How To Install The Mikrotik Winbox App On MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra or Newer​ And Also On An Android Device.

The Mikrotik Router has 3 main management interfaces that can be used to gain access to and configure a mikrotik router or switch. The interfaces are the Mikrotik terminal console, the Winbox desktop and mobile application as well as the mikrotik web console. Mikrotik makes these management interfaces available on almost all of its networking products so as to make it as convinient as possible when configuring a mikrotik device. Read this tutorial to learn how to install the Mikrotik Winbox application on MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra and also on an android device.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implimentation action on this tutorial:
1) A Mac Computer running MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra or newer
2) An android phone or tablet running android version 4.2 and up
3) The Winbox desktop and android application
4) Winebottler for MacOS and a Mikrotik router for testing out the Winbox application


1) Power on your Mac computer and login using a user account with administrator privildges. Open a web browser and download winebottler
2) Download the Winbox app and configure winebottler to allow winbox to run on MacOS
3) Open Winbox and connect to a router using your mikrotik login credentials
4) Download the Winbox mobile application on an android phone or tablet from the google play store, connect and login to a mikrotik router.

Step One: Download And Install Winebottler For MacOS

1) Click HERE to go to the winebottler download page. The download page will automatically detect that you’re using a Mac computer and provide the download link for Mac.

Click on the download link for the latest version of winbottler.

2) Next, open the folder where winbox was downloaded to, right click on the winebottler.dmg file and click on OPEN WITH > DISKIMAGEMOUNTER (DEFAULT). You will see a dialogue box with a progress bar indicating that MacOS is opening the winebottler installer.

3) Drag the Wine icon on to the applications folder shortcut and once its been copied successfully, drag the wine bottler icon onto the applications folder shortcut as illustrated in the image on the right.

Step Two: Download Winbox

4) Go to mikrotik.com ann click on the SOFTWARE link. Under the UPGRADING ROUTEROS section click on the dropdown arrow on the WINBOX button and select Winbox (64 BIT).

Step Three: Configure Winebottler.

5) Go to the applications folder and open WINEBOTTLER. Proceed by clicking on the ADVANCED button and on the PREFIX TEMPLATE dropdown set it to NEW PREFIX (DEFAULT)

On PROGRAM INSTALLATION, click on the SELECT FILE button, browse to the folder where WINBOX was downloaded to and click on OPEN.

On the SYSTEM VERSION INFO dropdown select “7 64 bit” and set the INSTALLATION MODE to “COPY FILE TO THE APP BUNDLE”

Click on the “INCLUDE WINE.AP, SO THE USER DOESNT HAVE TO INSTALL IT” checkbox  then type in some descriptive information on the COPYRIGHT, IDENTIFIER, CATEGORY TYPE text boxes and click on INSTALL.

The image of the right shows what the complete configuration should be like.


6) Winebottler will open a file name and folder selection box prompting you to type in a name for the winbox winebottler application. Type in a name such as MIKROTIK and select a foldeer to save the app.