Learn How to Install elementaryOS on VMware Workstation In A Few Simple Steps

If you would like to take ElementaryOS for a test drive, or if you would like to use ElementaryOS together with you Windows OS / MacOS then this tutorial is for you. This tutorial will teach you on how to install ElementaryOS ( The best alternative to Windows And MacOS) on Vmware Workstation Pro / Workstation Player.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure you these items are available before taking action on this tutorial to ensure success:
1) ElementaryOS ISO image file ( downloadable on the Official ElementaryOS website).
2) Desktop or Laptop with atleast 8GB memory and core i3 processor.
3) Vmware Workstation Player or Workstation Pro Installed ( Click here for a tutorials on how to install Workstation).


1) ELEMENTARYOS system requrements
2) Open VMware Workstation and create a new LINUX virtual machine.
3) Attach the ELEMENTARYOS disk image file to the VM during the VM creation process and start the VM
4) Complete the installation setup wizard and install ELEMENTARY OS
5) Once the installation is complete, check for and install system updates.

ElementaryOS system requirements

Elementary OS is a Linux Ubuntu based distribution and has the following non strict system requirements:

1) 4GB Memory (RAM).
2) 15GB Hard disk space.
3) 1024 x 768 Display.
4) Dual core or core i3 processor.

STEP 1: Setting Up Your Vmware Workstation!

1) Launch VMware Workstation installed on your computer and click on the create a new virtual machine button..
2) On the new virtual machine dialog box choose the radio button on “TYPICAL RECOMENDED” and click “NEXT”.


3) On the next dialog box that appears choose the radio button next to “INSTALLER DISK IMAGE ISO” which will allow you to select the location of the ElementaryOS installation ISO..
4) Click the “NEXT” button to proceed.


5) On this window, select guest operating system type as ‘LINUX’
6)Select the version as ‘OTHER LINUX 2.6.X KERNEL 64 BIT’ and click the ‘NEXT’ button to proceed.If you are trying to install the 32-bit version of Elementary OS, ensure to select ‘OTHER LINUX 2.6.X 32 BIT KERNEL’
7) Add a virtual machine name that you would like in the next dialog box, You can also change the located of where you ElementaryOS VM will be saved to on your computer on this dialog box


8) Specify the maximum disk size for you virtual machin, this depends on the available disk resources on your Workstation host.
9)Select the Split virtual disk into mulitple files radio button, this will allow the virtual machine to only use up available physical disk space when needed and makes it easier when you need to move the VM from one computer to another.
10) Finally review you virtual machine settings on the “READY TO CREATE VIRTUAL MACHINE” dialog box, You can click the “CUSTOMIZE” button to change VM settings or proceed by clicking on the “FINISH” button.


Step 3 : Configure ElementaryOS For Installation

11) Now click in the “POWER ON VIRTUAL MACHINE” button in Vmware Workstation inorder to bootup the new ElementaryOS installation.

12) Since ElementaryOS is ubuntu based you will be prsented with an option to “TRY ELEMENTARY” or to “INSTALL ELEMENTARY”. Select the “INSTALL ELEMENTARY” button to start the install process.


13) Choose if you would like to download updates while installing ElementaryOS by ticking on this checkbox, this would help you avoid having to install updates after installation completes.

14) Tick on this check box if you would like to install thrird party software that will allow you to do things like connecting to a WiFi network and playback of audio and video files.

15) The “Where are you page is displayed next” , If you have an active internet connection , your location will be detected automatically. However if you do not have an active internet connection simply start typing your location or use the map to select your location.
16) Select your current keyboard layout. You can simply select “English US” if your are using a keyboard with the “QWERTY” layout. If you are unsure of your keyboard layout use the “DETECT KEYBOARD LAYOUT” button for assistance.
17) At this stage enter your desired username , the installer will automatically suggest a computer name. These can easily be changed later. You can select if you would like to enable automatic login and home folder encryption for your VM. Once done click on the “CONTINUE” button.
18) After completing installation specific customisations,the installer will now proceed in the background and depending on how much pgysical resources you have allowcated to your ElementaryOS virtual, installation should only take a few minutes.
19) Great! If you see this message box then your ElementaryOS Installation was successful. Click on the “RESTART NOW” button to allow the VM to boot into your newly installed ElementaryOS!.
20) After first time system boot you will be asked to login to ElementaryOS using the credentials you provided during installation and start using ElementaryOS! The best alternative to Microsoft Windows and MacOS. Click on the links below to read on installing operating system update on ElementaryOS, tutorials on how to instal vmware tools for ElementaryOS and 21 things to do after installing ElementaryOS.