steps to take to configure a zol voip number on a yealink voip phone in 5 minutes

Gone are the days when getting a phone line for a new home or business premise was a long process that took days if not weeks. The process involved waiting for the telecomms company to come in and run a phone line into your premises a process that many people dreaded. With the advent of VOIP technology and much more affordable internet services getting a phone line is a fairly quick and simple process. All you need is to have internet access in your premises, a VOIP phone and a VOIP number – things that can take a day at most to obtain. Once you have this things you also need to know how to set it up so you can start to make and receive calls. This tutorial helps with just that and is a detailed step by step guide that will teach you how to configure a ZOL Zimbabwe VOIP number on a Yealink VOIP phone in just 5 minutes. You can use the steps outlines below to configure any other VOIP Number from any similar service provider. If you would like a PDF copy of this tutorial, click on the button below to download it now!


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following is a list of items that may be needed. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implementation action on this tutorial:
1) A ZOL Zimbabwe VOIP Number (SIP Trunk) or any VOIP number (SIP Trunk) from any similar service provider
2) A Yealink VOIP phone such as the Yealink T23G
3) An internet connection
4) A web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer


1) Purchase a Yealink VOIP Phone online or from a local IT reseller
2) Purchase a VOIP Number from your VOIP service provider
4) Log into the web based admin console for the yealink phone and configure the VOIP trunk
5) Test the VOIP trunk configured on the Yealink Phone.

Step 1: Purchase a Yealink VOIP Phone Online Or From A Local IT Reseller.

1) A great place to purchase a yealink IP phone is on e-commerce stores such as the amazon online store or any other trusted online IT retailer near you. If you choose to purchase from Amazon and you live in Zimbabwe or South Africa the table on the right shows how much it could cost you to purchase a yealink T40G VOIP phone.

You can get detailed pricing (based on your location) of how much it will cost to purchase and ship the Yealink T40G phone.

NB: Prices may have changed after the date of publishing of this article, go to to verify pricing.

2) Alternatively you can use price check websites such as and to look up prices of Yealink SIP phones from various IT reseller

Step 2: Purchase A VOIP Number From Your VOIP Service Provider.

3) After purchasing a VOIP phone, the next item that is needed is a VOIP Number also known as a SIP Trunk and the process of acquiring a SIP trunk depends on your SIP service provider.  If you are in Zimbabwe, the process of obtaining a SIP trunk from ZOL Zimbabwe is as follows:

1) Contact the ZOL customer support team and advise that you would like to purchase a VOIP Number. The will respond with a case number and advice on how much you need to pay

2) Make payment to ZOL via cash at their office, ecocash or bank transfer and indicate your case number on the proof of payment

3) ZOL will then email you details of your VOIP number and SIP password for configuring on a VOIP device.

Step 3: Yealink IP Phone Network Diagram

5) The diagram on the right is a simple network diagram that illustrates how the YEALINK VOIP phone should be connected to your home or office network. The yealink IP phone is powered through the use of a POE INJECTOR and obtains internet access through the network router. Most YEALINK IP PHONE do not come with a power adapter and YEALINK assumes that you will power the phone through the use of a POE switch or POE INJECTOR.

Step 4: Log Into The Web Based Admin Console For The Yealink Phone And Configure The VOIP Trunk (ZOL Zimbabwe)

6) On the Yealink IP Phone, click on the OK button to open the STATUS screen. Take on of the IPv4 address that has been assigned to the IP Phone.

NB: Please note that if you are configuring a SIP trunk for a different VOIP service provider, you may need to contact technical support for correct configuration details.

7) Open a web browser, type in the IP address of the Yealink phone in the address bar and press ENTER. On the login page, type in the word “admin” on the USERNAME and PASSWORD field and click on the LOGIN button to proceed to the next step.

8) Click on the ACCOUNT tab and choose an account of the ACCOUNT drop down menu.

Set the LINE ACTIVE option to ENABLED and enter a name for the phone such as “OFFICE 1 PHONE” on the LABEL and DISPLAY NAME text boxes.

Set the REGISTER NAME field to “” for example “ Enter your VOIP phone number on the USER NAME field and your SIP password on the PASSWORD field.

Proceed by setting the SERVER HOST to, the PORT to 5060 and select UDP on the TRANSPORT drop down. Set SERVER EXPIRES to 3600 and SERVER RETRY COUNTS to 3.

9) Proceed by setting the ENABLE OUTBOUND PROXY SERVER option to ENABLED. Enter the IP address of on OUTBOUND PROXY SERVER 1 and on OUTBOUND PROXY SERVER 2. Ensure that the PORT is set to 5060 and PROXY FALLBACK INTERVAL is set to 3600.

Click on CONFIRM to apply changes.

10) The Yealink VOIP phone will attempt to register using the SIP details that you have configured above. If the details are correct the REGISTER STATUS will change to REGISTERED.