Steps To Take To Install The Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router Version 6.47.1 On VMware Fusion 11.0

VMware fusion is a widely used virtualization software for the MacOS operating system. It makes it possible to run almost any operating system on a Mac without having to reboot. This means that you can run an operating system side by side with other MacOS apps and software. The Mikrotik cloud hosted router is one of the many softwares that can deployed on VMware Fusion. This tutorial provides a guide on the steps that you have to take to install the Mikrotik Cloud Hosted router version 6.47.1 on VMware Fusion 11.0. You will also learn how to configure network interfaces on the Mikrotik virtual router as well as checking for and installing updates.


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implimentation action on this tutorial:
1) A Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Book Air, iMac or Mac Book Pro running MacOS High Sierra or newer
2) The VMware Fusion 11.0 or newer virtualization software
3) The Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router VMDK file.
4) The Winbox configuration app
5) An internet connection to check for and install Mikrotik updates.


1) Go to the mikrotik website a download the mikrotik cloud hosted router vmdk file for VMware Fusion.
2) Open VMware Fusion, and use the cloud hosted router vmdk file to deploy the virtual mikrotik router
3) Go to the mikrotik website and download the winbox app
4) Install the winbox app, and use quickset to configure the mikrotik virtual router
5) Use winbox to check for and install mikrotik updates.

Mikrotik CHR Pricing And How To Buy.

1) The Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router is can be downloaded and used for free without having to pay for any upfront pre installation fee however the free version comes with a bandwidth limitation of just 1 MBPS per network interface.

However if the the cloud hosted router is to be deployed in a production environment then it is recommended to purchase a mikrotik license so as to get higher bandwidth perfomance.

The image on the right is a table that shows that various mikrotik licenses availables and the cost of each license. Please note that these prices might be different from official prices on the mikrotik website

2) To purchase a license for the cloud hosted router go to and sign up for a free mikrotik account. Login to the mikrotik account and under the WEB ORDERS section click on “PURCHASE A ROUTEROS LICENSE KEY”

Step 1: Dowload The Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router VMDK File.

3) Click HERE to go to the official mikrotik download page. Once you’re on the page scroll down to the CLOUD HOSTED ROUTER section and click on the SAVE icon on the VMDK row and 6.47.1 (Stable) column.

Step 2: Create The Mikrotik CHR VM.

4) Next, open VMware Fusion and go to “FILE >NEW” this will open a virtual machine creation wizard. Select the “CREATE A CUSTOM VIRTUAL MACHINE” option and click on CONTINUE.

5) On the CHOOSE OPERATING SYSTEM page select OTHER as the operating system and OTHER 64 bit as the operating system type then click on the CONTINUE button.

6) As an advanced hardware virtualization platform, VMware Fusion supports UEFI and LEGACY BIOS firmware types. On the CHOOSE FIRMWARE TYPE page, select the LEGACY BIOS radio button and click on CONTINUE

7) The next step is to configure the virtual hard disk for the cloud hosted router. On the CHOOSEA VIRTUAL HARD DISK section, click on the USE AN EXISTING VIRTUAL DISK radio button then click on CHOOSE VIRTUAL DISK.

A file selection popup will be displayed. Browse to the folder where the mikrotik vmdk file was downloaded to, select it and click on CHOOSE.

NB: ensure that you also select the “MAKE A SEPERATE COPY OF THE VIRTUAL DISK” radio button.

8) A brief summary of the virtual machine will be displayed and this shows information such as the name of the virtual machine as well as allocated storage, network interface and memory information.

Click on FINISH to complete and deploy the mikrotik cloud hosted router.

To make any changes to the configuration of the virtual machine such as adding a network interface, open the virtual machine library, right click on the mikrotik VM and click on SETTINGS > ADD DEVICE.

9) Once all virtual hardware configuration changes or adjustments are complete, right click on the mikrotik virtual machine and click on START UP.

Once the mikrotik VM completes its boot up process, a terminal console will be displayed and prompt you to login. The default username for Mikrotik CHR is admin and the password is blank.

At this point it is possible to start configuring the mikrotik VM from the terminal. The Mikrotik CHR can also be configured using the web browser console or the Winbox desktop app. Continue reading to learn more!

Step 3: Download And Install Winbox.