Tutorials And How To Guides For Linux Beginners & Advanced Linux Users.

Nowadays in almost any IT environment some form of open source linux based technology is used. It may be a core service such as a dedicated server running a linux based operarting system, an email server , web server, network equipement such as routers, switches, NAS devices or a prebundled application such as FREEPBX, OWNCLOUD, ZABBIX as such, if you work as an IT professional then having an understanding of how to deploy and use linux systems is important. Tutorials available here provide simple how to guides for the complete linux beginner and also helpful articles for advanced linux users in search for solutions. Each tutorial also has a youtube video so you have a choice of either reading the text or watching the video.

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Protect Your Network Using The IPFIRE! Network Firewall.

Many organizations are affected by network security issues which include data theft, ransomware attacks, denial of service attacks and more, on a regular basis. Having a firewall to protect your network is an absolute MUST HAVE! Learn how to install and configure the IPFIRE network firewall on your network for FREE!

How To Install Friendica On Ubuntu 20.04 Or CentOS 8 Hosted On AWS

Friendica is an free open source software that makes it possible for you to run your very own social network. It allows you to keep in contact with your friends and family in a private decentralized environment. Learn how to deploy it on Ubuntu 20.04 or CentOS 8 with free 1 year AWS hosting

How To Install Docker And Deploy Docker Containers On Linux

Docker allows you to quickly deploy a packaged application complete with needed software libraries and configuration files. Read this tutorial to learn how to install Docker on Linux. You will also learn how to deploy and configure a docker container.

Deploy Pritunl Enterprise VPN Server On The Amazon AWS Platform.

Pritunl is an enterprise grade VPN solution that can enable advanced multi site VPN connectivity, interconnect cloud based IT resources with on premise IT resources and more. Read this tutorial to learn how to deploy Pritunl VPN Server on the AWS cloud platform

Learn How To Install Zabbix Enterprise Server On Amazon Web Services

Zabbix is an enterprise level monitoring software that makes it easier for you to keep an eye on critical IT resources such as SERVERS, NETWORK DEVICES, CLOUD HOSTED INFRSTRUCTURE, APPLICATIONS and SERVICES. Read this tutorial to learn how to install ZABBIX on AWS.

Steps To Take To Install XAMPP 8.0.3 On Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

XAMPP is a widely used easy to installed application that can turn almost any computer in a web server. If you are a developer and need to quickly setup a web server so you can test or deploy yoour web app, read this tutorial to learn how to install XAMPP on Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Learn How To Install WebERP 4.15.1 On A CentOS 8 Server In Minutes.

WEBERP is an opensource, web based accounting and business management software suitable for businesses in wholesale, distribution and manufacturing industries. WebERP is absolutely FREE to download and use. Click on the READ NOW button below to start learning how to set it up today!

Steps To Take To Install IPFIRE 2.25 Core Update 151 On VirtualBox 6.1

IPFIRE is a linux based network defense and security solution that is designed to keep your network safe from many types of network security threats. It is a free and open source solution that comes with no upfront costs or monthly payments / commitments. Click on the button below to learn how to install it on Virtualbox today!

How To Install Nextcloud On Debian 10.8 On A Virtual Machine.

Nextcloud is a self hosted productivity platform that allows you to share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats with collegues. Read this tutorial to learn how to install Nextcloud On A Debian 10.8 on premise or cloud hosted virtual machine in minutes!

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