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Microsoft Visual Basic (VB.NET) Tutorials

Visual Basic is a graphic event-driven programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation first released in 1991. Visual Basic is relatively easy to learn, use and was derived from BASIC. Visual basic enables rapid application development (RAD) and ships with modern UI controls that make development of a graphic user interface a simple process. The tutorials available here aim to make it easy to get stated programming visual basic applications. Use the search feature to find tutorial and various topics ranging from beginner basics to advanced programming topics.

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Introduction To The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language

Learn what VB.NET is all about, a brief history of VB.NET, VB.NET features, Advantages and disadvantages of VB.NET as well as the things that VB.NET can and cannot do.

How To Install The Visual Studio IDE On Windows And MacOS

This tutorial will teach you how to install the visual studio IDE for creating, testing and debugging visual basic projects on the MacOS operating system in a few easy to follow steps

Steps To Take To Create A New Visual Basic Project From Scratch

If you are new to VB read this tutorial to learn how to create a new hello world visual basic project on visual studio 2019 from scratch. If you a starting out with VB read this tutorial first.

Winform With Form Border Style Of None Drop Shadow.

VB.NET windows forms have a drop shadow effect. However if you set the form border style property to none, the drop shadow effect is lost. Read this tutorial to learn how to add a drop shadow on a winform with no form border style.

Create A VB.NET Class For CRUD Operations On An MS SQL Database.

One of the many advantages of VB.NET is how well it works with Microsoft SQL Server. Read this tutorial to learn how to create a VB.NET class that can be used to Create, Read, Update and Delete records on an MS SQL database in about 10 minutes or less.

10 Visual Basic Tips That Will Help To Increase Your Productivity