Want To Run Android Apps And Games On Your Mac? This Tutorial Shows You How To Do Just That Using CloudReady Home Edition And VMware Fusion 11.0

The android platform has one of the largest collection of android apps and games and some of those apps and games are made exclusively for the android platform and only accessible from the google play store and other android app stores. However if you only have a MacOS device but would very much like to play an android app or game a solution is to run the free and ChromeOS based CloudReady home edition operating system as a VMware Fusion virtual machine on your Mac. This also makes it possible to play android games using a fully fledged game controller! Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to set it up!


In order to complete this tutorial successfully the following items are required. Please ensure to have these items available before taking implimentation action on this tutorial:
1) The cloudready virtual appliance .ova file
2) VMware Fusion 11.0 or higher
3) Access to an iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Book Pro or Mac Mini with atleast 4 GB RAM
4) MacOS version 10.7 or higher.
5) A standard USB game controller (optional)


1) Go to the cloudready download page and download the cloudyready home edition virtual appliance.
2) Open VMware Fusion 11 and create a virtual machine using the cloudready virtual appliance
3) Power on the cloudready virtual machine and go through the post installation setup
4) Download your desired app or game and install it on the Cloudready VM
5) Connect a game controller to the Cloudready VM.

Step 1: Download the Cloudready Home Edition Virtual Appliance

1) Click HERE to go to the Cloudready home edition download page. Scroll down to the ADDITIONAL INSTALL OPTIONS section and click on the DOWNLOAD VM IMAGES link then click on the DOWNLOAD CLOUDREADY: HOME EDITION OVA FILE download link.

2) Once you have downloaded the virtual appliance open VMware Fusion 11.0 and and click on FILE > NEW. On the SELECT INSTALLATION METHOD section choose the IMPORT AN EXISTING VIRTUAL MACHINE option and click on CONTINUE.

3) On the CHOOSE AN EXISTING VIRTUAL MACHINE section click on the CHOOSE FILE button. A file selection window will appear, browse to the folder where the cloudready.ova file was downloaded to, select it and click on OPEN then click on CONTINUE.

4) VMware Fusion will start importing the CLOUDREADY virtul machine and a green progress bar showing the import progress will be displayed. The amount of time it takes to import depends on the perfomance of your Mac, but on average it will take about 5 minutes.

5) Once the virtual machine import process is complete, a virtual machine summary will be displayed and will show the virtual hardware configuration. You will see details such as the amount of memory (RAM) that will be allocated to the vm,operating system type as well as CPU information.

If you wish to make any changes to the virtual hardware configuration click on the CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS button.

Proceed by clicking on the FINISH button and click on the white PLAY button to start the CLOUDREADY virtual machine.