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Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorials For New Beginners And Experienced Users

Learn all the essentials in Windows 10, the flagshift operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. These detailed, comprehensive and easy to understand tutorials cover all that you need to know in order to install and configure Windows 10 to your specific needs. Tutorials covered here include but not limited to : Installing or upgrading to Windows 10 on multiple platforms, Troubleshooting and customizing Windows 10, Installing and configuring various Windows 10 roles  and features, Linking a phone to a Windows PC, Running virtual machines on Windows 10, Cloud computing using Windows 10 and more. We’ve also put together youtube videos for all the Windows 10 tutorials available HERE!

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How to Install Windows 10 On A Physical Machine

Install Windows 10 on a Laptop or desktop Computer

How To Create A Windows 10 Virtual Machine Using Vmware Workstation 15 Player

Learn how to install Windows 10 as VMware a virtual machine

How to Install Windows 10 On Oracle VirtualBox 6.0

Install Windows 10 as an Oracle Virtualbox virtual machine

How to Create A Simple Wi-Fi Hotspot In Windows 10

Learn how to create a Wi-Fi hotspot in Windows 10

How to disable Windows Defender on Windows 10

Learn how to disable Windows Defender securtiy

How to Setup Cortana In Unsupported Countries

Learn how to setup cortana in unsupported countreis

How To Setup Windows Sandbox On Windows 10

Safely deploy software using Windows 10 Sandbox

How To Install Microsoft HyperV On Windows 10

Learn the Installation process of HyperV on Windows 10

Create Backup & Restore Windows 10 HyperV VM

Learn how to create, backup and restore Virtual HyperV Machines

How To Set The Priority Order Of Network Adapters On Windows 10

If you Windows 10 device has multiple network interface cards or If you have added an additional NIC, Read this tutorial to learn how to change the priority order of network adapters on Windows 10

How To Shutdown Or Reboot Windows 10 Using An Android Phone

shutdown, reboot, sleep or hibernate W10 using a phone

How to Turn On The Windows 10 Dark Theme

If you use a computer forabout 8 hours a day enabling Windows 1 features that help protect your eyes is a good thing to do. Read this tutorial to learn how you can reduce eye strain and protect your eyes by enabling the windows 10 dark theme / dark mode

How To Link Your Phone To A Windows 10 PC.

Read this tutorial to learn how to link your Android or iOS phone to your Windows 10 PC. This allows you to "NEVER MISS A THING" while you're working on your computer. By linking your phone you can view all text messages, notifications and even media such as pictures and videos. Learn how to set it up now!

Learn How To Run Windows 10 On A VMware ESXi 6.0 VM

Windows 10 is the latest desktop operating system from microsoft corporation. Windows 10 comes with new and improved functionality apps and features that help you to be more productive.Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to install Windows 10 on an ESXi 6.0 VM.

Deploying Windows 10 In The Cloud On Amazon AWS.

Windows 10 is one of the most widely used desktop, laptop operating systems because of its ease of use, affordability and wide range of applications and services for almost any use case. Read this tutorial to learn how to deploy Windows 10 in the cloud on Amazon AWS.