Windows Server And Desktop Tutorials For New Beginners And Experienced Users

According to MICROSOFT BY THE NUMBERS, there are more than 1 billion devices running just Windows 10 and even more devices running different versions and variants of the Windows operating system. Becoming knowledgeable on how to install Windows and configure various roles and services is an essential skill. Learn how to install and configure windows server and desktop environments from early versions of windows such as Windows XP to Windows Server 2019, Get the complete learning range from Billysoft Academy Windows Tutorials. The tutorials cover everything from windows Desktop Administration to advanced topics such as Microsoft active directory, networking and file sharing.

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Microsoft Windows XP Tutorials

Become savvy with the Windows XP SP3 desktop. From learning how to install XP on various platforms to configuring XP for daily use and common troubleshooting guides

Windows Vista Tutorials & how-To-Guides

Get upto speed with the iconic Windows Vista operating System with The simple and easy to follow tutorials and how to guides on everything Windows vista!

Microsoft Windows 7 tutorials & How-To-Guides

Work your way from beginner level to an advanced user, with this series of Microsoft Windows 7 tutorials! from first time installation to Pro User Guides

Windows 8 Tutorials & How-To-Guides

The fastest way to learn is Just to learn by doing! Do just that with this range of windows 8 tutorials and Troubleshooting guides For Complete beginners

Windows 8.1 Tutorials & Troubleshooting Guides

These tutorials will bring you up to speed on one of microsoft's most advanced operting systems, Windows 8.1! Tutorials here are also available in PDF Format

Windows 10 Tutorials & How To Guides

Get started with Windows 10, the Latest O.S from Microsft by using our high quality tutorials Designed For Anyone! troubleshooting guides are also inluded!

Windows Server 2012 r2 Tutorials

These tutorials consist of detailed resources on how to become a successful windows server 12 administrator. The focus is on these tutorials is to provide hands on practical guides on how actually to do the job.

Windows Server 2003 And 2003 R2 Tutorials

Learn everything there is to know about Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2.Tutorials include Active Directory, best practices, managing desktop clients,performance tuning and disaster recovery.

Windows Server 2008 And 2008 r2 tutorials

Learn how to configure and manage Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2. These tutorials cover everything from Active Directory to networking, file storage And Internet Information service IIS .

Windows Server 2016 Tutorials

Become knowledgeable about Microsoft Windows Server 2016 one of microsoft's latest server o.s releases. With these tutorials you'll get a practical guide on topics such as downloading and installing WS 2016, Disaster recovery and more!

Windows Server 2019 Tutorials

Windows Server 2019 is the O.S that links on-premises deployments with modern cloud services, and comes with built in threat management. Read through these tutorials to learn how to use WS 2019 to start modernizing your IT environment.

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