Windows XP Tutorials For New And Experienced Users.

Learn how to install Windows XP on any supported platform,Identify and resolve operating system and desktop application issues, perform basic administrative tasks such as troubleshooting network connectivity issues, backing up and restoring your data, etc. You will also learn how to install and configure various built in features such as remote desktop and remote assistance, FTP Client and FTP Server, file and printer sharing and so much more. If you prefer learning through watching videos, each tutorial comes with a free video hosted on youtube that you can watch and learn from at any time. You can also download a free PDF file in each tutorial so you can continue learning even when you are offline. Browse the tutorials below or use the search bar to find a tutorial and start learning today.

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Install Windows XP on VMware Workstation And ESXi 6.0

VMware Workstation and VMware ESXI are two widely used virtualization products in IT. Read this tutorial to learn how to install Windows XP On A VMware Workstation or ESXi 6.0 virtual machine.

Steps To Take To Set Up A Windows XP VM On Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1

Learn how to install Windows XP SP3 on a Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1 virtual machine in just about 10 minutes or less. You will also learn how to install virtual box additions for advanced features such as full screen mode

Learn How To Setup An FTP Server On Windows XP Professional SP3

FTP is a widely used TCP/IP protocol that can be used to transfer an unlimited amount of data. If you need to share a large file, read this tutorial to learn how to setup an FTP server on Windows XP Professional SP3.

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