WordPress And Woocommerce Tutorials And How-To-Guides For The Complete Beginner.

Learn how to create high quality websites with little to no programming knowledge using the worlds number 1 website content management and e-commerce platforms. Here you will learn how to install WordPress on your computer, so you can learn without having to pay hosting or domain fees, Navigate around the WordPress, Create pages and posts, install plugins and themes, create custom designs using common wordpress page builders, create online stores and so much more. Each tutorial has a downloadable PDF file as well as a FREE youtube video.

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Learn How To Install WordPress On A Windows PC In 10 Minutes Or Less.

If you are starting out a new wordpress site, you need a local environment for testing and experimenting new functions and designs. Read this tutorial to learn how to download and install the WordPress content management system on a Windows 10, 8 or 7 computer in just about ten minutes or less

Read This Tutorial To Learn How To Setup A Woocommerce Online Store

If you own any kind of retail store or service, it is important to setup an online store so you can reach even more customers online. Read this tutorial to learn how setup a Woocommerce online store hosted on a Windows computer and on the the internet with any web hosting service provider.

How To Setup Two Factor Authentication On A WordPress Website

Two-factor authentication is an additional security layer used to keep accounts secure and ensure that people can’t gain unauthorised access to an account even if the account password is compromised. Learn how add an extra layer of security to safeguard your wordpress website by setting up 2 factor authentication.

Learn How To Backup And Restore A WordPress Website.

When running a website it is very important to have a backup and recovery plan so as to stay prepared and be able to restore your website if it gets compromised or when you make an disasterous change. Read ths tutorial to learn how to backup and restore a wordpress website

Protect Your WordPress Site With A Free Letsencrypt SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate for a website is important as this adds an extra layer of security that helps prevent hacking or data theft. Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to set up an SSL certificate in 5 minutes

Setup Social Share And Whatsapp Chat On A WordPress Site.

Allow website visitors to engage and share content by setting up social share buttons for common social media platforms such as facebook and youtube. You will also learn how to add whatsapp chat and live chat widgets on a wordpress website in a few simple steps.

Read This Tutorial To Learn How To Deploy WordPress on ESXi 6.0

According to wordpress.com , wordpress runs on approx. 35% of sites on the web on multiple web hosting services and platforms. As such knowing how to setup wordpress on these platforms is a valuable tool. Continue reading to learn more!

Install WordPress Locally On A Mac Using The XAMP Package.

When developing a new wordpress website or trying out a new wordpress feature it is a good idea to try new things locally on a LAB environment so as to avoid errors and mistakes on a live website. Learn how to setup wordpress locally on a Mac Using XAMMP

How To Move/Export A WordPress Site From A Local Server To Live.

After having worked on a wordpress webiste for many hours, days or even weeks on a local server on your home or work pc, you will get to that point where you have to deploy the website to the web. Read thiis tutorial to learn how to move / export a wordpress.

Learn How To Install WordPress On The AWS Cloud Platform

Want to setup a website, blog or online store? Then read this detailed step by step guide on how to setup a wordpress website on the AWS Cloud platform. We'll also show you how to configure an elastic IP address and also the AWS CloudFront CDN on the WordPress AWS Instance.

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