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Working From Home Technology Tutorials, Tips And Tricks.

Working from home can be a challenge without the right tools and information. Technology tutorials and recommendations available here will help you to setup your home productivity environment so you can even get more work done! Topics on computer equipment needed to work from home, setting up virtual meetings and webinars, setting up your home network, software recommendations and how-to guides.

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Learn How To Connect A Second Display To Your Computer.

Having a second display can help you to be even more productive as you can multi taks, switch between multiple programs among many other things. Learn how to connect and use a second display monitor to your computer.

Computer Equipment Needed For A Home Office.

Getting great computer equipment for you home office setup is crucial so as to achieve your best level of productivity. This tutorial provides a guide on the affordable computing hardware that you can purchase online for your home office.

Reliable Way To Remotely Connect To Your Work Computer.

In today's digital world you may find yourself having to work from home or from a remote location in a different city, town or country. Read this tutorial to learn how to setup a reliable and secure way to connect to your work computer from anywhere.

Top 6 Recession-Proof I.T Certifications Under $450

Today you may be wondering, what are the best IT certifications that you can get today so as to set you up for a recession-proof job and future proof career. Read this article to find out what those certifications are, how much they cost and where to get them.

Setting Up A VOIP Phone For Use At Home Or Work

VOIP used to be a luxury that only large businesses could only afford however it has become a main stream technology that almost anyone can have access to. Read this this tutorial to learn how to quickly setup a VOIP Phone for use at home or at work in Zimbabwe.